Bounce Back!!!! Best recovery routines based on how much time you have:

10 minutes

  • Drink Chocolate Milk- Research has shown that low-fat chocolate milk has the perfect combination of protein and sugars to help replenish energy and aid in muscle rebuilding.
  • Roll it out- Evidence has shown that foam rolling helps boost tissue repair, increase mobility, and decrease soreness. (Areas to target- Calves, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Illiotibial Band, Glutes, and Mid Back)

15 minutes

  • Keep moving- Do a 5 minute active cool down, which will improve blood flow. This allows energy systems to gradually return to their resting state. The end result will be less stiffness and soreness. Some exercises are lunge matrix, side shuffles, and leg swings.
  • Afterwards, drink chocolate milk and end with foam rolling.

20 minutes

  • Do an active cool down, drink chocolate milk, complete foam rolling, and then:
  • Many runners swear by slipping into an ice bath for 15 minutes after they run as an excellent treatment option. The theory is that during an ice bath, blood shifts from the legs to the core because your body wants to maintain a higher core temperature. This means more blood flows to the heart and lungs, helping to restore the heart. The cold water around the legs helps limit inflammation. When you finally remove yourself from the cold bath, in theory, the oxygen-rich blood flows back to the legs, helping to flush out by-products connected to muscle soreness.


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