DAISY Award Recipients

  • McLeod Nurse Receives May DAISY Award

    Miko Fulmore, RN, a staff nurse in the Observation Unit, was recently named the May DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center. Fulmore, the 18th recipient of the DAISY Award, was nominated by a co-worker for the extraordinary care and compassion he showed to a pediatric patient.


    On the nomination form, Miko’s co-worker wrote, “He has gone above and beyond for his patient, taking time to read him books, dance with him, and engage in play with him. It is not often that you see this level of compassion. He has worked extra shifts to ensure that this patient sees a familiar face and stays on schedule. Children with autism spectrum disorder often struggle in a hospital environment. Since meeting Miko, this patient has improved every day. Miko has taken the time to bond with this patient, getting to know him and advocating for his needs. People like Miko make me proud to be a McLeod employee.”

  • McLeod Nurse Receives April DAISY Award

    Jane Jordan, RN, a staff nurse in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU), was recently named the April DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center. Jordan, the 17th recipient of the DAISY Award, was nominated by a patient’s daughter for her extraordinary care and compassion.


    On the nomination form, the patient’s daughter wrote, “My dad’s journey began in December when he had his appendix removed and was ultimately diagnosed with appendix cancer. He then underwent a colectomy on January 16, 2019 and was placed in the Surgical Progressive Care Unit due to his heart issues. On Friday, two days after his surgery, he developed trouble breathing. He was transferred to the CCU where Jane was the receiving nurse. He was hypoxic and had to be placed on the bi-pap.

    “Jane let us know what was going on and kept us informed of everything they were doing. She also made sure we knew the results of his lab test, ABG, and other scans he had done. On Saturday, Daddy was placed on the ventilator because he had developed ICU delirium. Jane had him again on Wednesday while he was on the ventilator. She was great to us and let us know that they would try weaning him from the vent and what to expect. Daddy didn’t tolerate weaning well and ended up self-extubating himself on Thursday night. He was placed back on bi-pap and was doing well on that.

    “Jane came back in for the weekend shift on Friday, and we had requested her to be his nurse. She took on that role even though she knew he was being a “handful” with the ICU delirium. He had a good couple of days. On Saturday, she got Daddy up to the chair, and he was placed on high flow oxygen. She was so proud that he was improving because she knew how important that was to me and my mom. Daddy ended up having a rough episode later that day and had to be put back on the bi-pap. Jane sat and talked with me and mom for over an hour, reassuring us that everything happening was a normal process in him getting better.

    “Even though I know she had more patients to take care of, her sitting and talking with us eased our minds a little. We went home for the night since Daddy was resting good. I called to check on him the next morning, and Jane said he had a couple of “hiccups” during the night but nothing to be majorly concerned about right yet. We were getting ready to head to the hospital (we live an hour away) when Jane called and said things had gotten worse and they were about to re-intubate him. I told her no because that was not Daddy’s wishes. She did everything she could to keep him from declining any more until we got there. He told us he didn’t want to be re-intubated and that he loved us. We ultimately accepted the fact that he was ready to go home and be with his Lord and Savior.

    “Jane spent her entire morning and afternoon in the room with us, explaining what was going on and what they were doing to keep him comfortable in his last moments. He was able to hold his favorite tiny human’s hand, his six-year-old grandson (only grandchild) while he slowly faded away to his heavenly home. He passed around 1 p.m. on that Sunday afternoon of January 27. While we were having some sad moments in Daddy’s room, Jane and some other fantastic staff took my son out to the nurses station and fed him doughnuts and juice. They gave him some markers and paper to draw with so his sweet little mind would be occupied. Out of the nine days Daddy was in the CCU, Jane had him five days. Jane was truly a Godsend to our family during this time.

    “After my daddy passed, we got a call that my father-in-law had passed away on the same day. Jane has checked on me and my family since the devastating loss of my daddy and father-in-law. We could never repay the amount of love, care, and compassion Jane showed to not only my daddy, but to our entire family during his hospital stay and now more than a month later. Jane is definitely in the right profession with her kind heart and loving soul. She would be so deserving of this award.”

  • McLeod Nurse Receives March DAISY Award

    Natalie Prince, RN, a staff nurse on the Cardiovascular Surgery Floor, was recently named the March DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center. Prince was nominated by a patient’s son for her extraordinary care and compassion.


    On the nomination form, the patient’s son wrote, “My father had chest pain on a Thursday, and after going through the Emergency Room, he was transferred to the Cardiovascular floor on Friday. Natalie, his nurse during the daytime, continuously monitored him and asked about his conditions from time to time. She treated him with great respect and patience and answered all of our queries. He had a small scare on Saturday after his admission, but she gave him medicine, and he started feeling better. On Sunday evening, my father’s condition suddenly started deteriorating. His whole bed started trembling, and he had problems with his left arm and difficulty breathing. Natalie assembled the whole team of doctors and nurses right away and told them to get him to the catheterization lab. We were all panicking, but she kept her cool the entire time, continuously monitoring the situation and communicating with the doctors. Later we learned that he had a stroke, but due to prompt care and treatment, his heart was not damaged. Thank you to the whole team of doctors and nurses, especially Natalie.”

  • McLeod Nurse Receives February DAISY Nursing Award

    Kristy Mounger, APRN, a staff nurse on the Renal Floor, was recently named the February DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center. Mounger was nominated by a patient’s family for her extraordinary care and compassion.


    On the nomination form, the patient’s family wrote, “Four years ago, our journey began with kidney failure. My brother-in-law was admitted to the hospital, and Kristy came into the room. She treated him like he was her family member. That visit ended, and we left all of his medications. My phone rang, and a sweet voice said, ‘I am in your yard.’ After working about 14 hours, she delivered what we left behind. There were many more visits to the Renal floor over the next four years, and even if she wasn’t our nurse, Kristy came to visit him. Recently, he was admitted once again, and my phone rang. Kristy’s sweet voice asked if I knew who this was, and I said, ‘of course.’ She explained to me what was happening. When I arrived, she greeted me with a hug. At the end of her shift, she knew this was the last visit my brother-in-law would make to the Renal floor. We are making our journey to the Hospice House. Our lives have richly been blessed by Kristy. She goes above and beyond her nursing profession. My heart will forever be changed and blessed to have met this angel on earth. McLeod has a jewel.”

  • McLeod Nurse Receives January DAISY Nursing Award

    Eugenia Evans, a staff nurse on the Medical Floor, was recently named the January DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center. Evans was nominated by a patient’s daughter for her extraordinary care and compassion.


    On her nomination form, the patient’s daughter wrote, “Eugenia took excellent care of my mother – she was kind, compassionate and attentive. My mother has not been hospitalized in many years and was apprehensive, but Eugenia put her at ease. She even made sure my grandmother, who was staying overnight with my mother, had everything she needed. She took a personal interest in both my mother and grandmother, and they have raved about how wonderful she is. As a nurse, it is comforting to know that a wonderful nurse like Eugenia was there to take care of my mother when I couldn’t be.”

  • McLeod Share-the-Care Nurse Receives December DAISY Nursing Award

    McLeod Nurse Miranda Myers was named the December DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on December 28, 2018. Myers was nominated by a patient for her extraordinary care and compassion.


    To recognize those Nurses at McLeod Regional Medical Center who are true examples of Nursing Excellence, patients, family members and co-workers may nominate nurses for the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day.

    On her nomination form, Myers’ patient wrote, “When I was first admitted to McLeod, I had been having a rough couple of days. To make matters worse, my closest family member was almost two hours away with no reliable car readily available to her, so food, hygiene products and just peace of mind was pretty much out of the question. My nurse, Miranda, made sure my needs were accommodated and then some, which made me feel like somebody. Not only was this a nice gesture, but the humble and selfless way she did a good deed speaks volumes about her character. Sometimes someone as considerate and charismatic as my nurse can lift your spirits in the most unfortunate situations and give you hope without boasting or making you feel like a charity case.”

  • McLeod MICU Nurse Receives November DAISY Nursing Award

    McLeod Nurse Taylor Curtis was recently named the November DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center. Curtis was nominated by Heather Kight for her extraordinary care and compassion.


    “My mom recently came to McLeod with severe acute pancreatitis and had to undergo emergency surgery as she was becoming septic,” recalls Kight. “We were told due to the severity and emergent need for the surgery that she would come back to the unit intubated and on the ventilator. During the first week of care, Taylor became her nurse. For some reason, Taylor bonded well with me and my dad from the beginning. As soon as she saw me in the unit for a visit, she stopped what she was doing to update me on the night before and plans for that day.

    “Mom was on the ventilator for two and a half weeks,” continued Kight. “When mom was finally extubated, Taylor was there, and we hugged like she was a part of the family. Her compassion during the care of my mom cannot be topped. Her true calling as a nurse shined bright.”

  • McLeod Emergency Department Nurse Receives October DAISY Nursing Award

    McLeod Nurse Meg Gliarmis was recently named the October DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center.

    Gliarmis was nominated by Austin Caulder for the care she provided to his wife, Karen, who was involved in a motor vehicle accident while thirteen weeks pregnant with their second child.


    “My wife had no external injuries, although she had severe abdominal cramps and a fear that something was wrong with our child,” recalls Austin. “I drove h…er to the Emergency Department, where Meg was working at the intake desk. As she was finding out why we were there, she could see how distraught my wife was about our baby.

    “Meg immediately took us to a room and located the baby’s heart rate with an ultrasound. My wife and I were instantly relieved knowing the heart beat was present in our little one,” added Austin. “We are so thankful Meg identified and acted on the distress and fear that she saw in our faces. We had the best experience due to her quick actions, and she continued to check on us even though she was assigned to a different area. Meg is well-deserving of this recognition.”

  • McLeod Nurse Receives September DAISY
    Nursing Award

    McLeod Nurse Practitioner Jason Hewett was named the September DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on October 1, 2018. Hewett was nominated by Kellie James for the care he provided to her 12-year-old niece Sierra James in the Emergency Department following an incident that required multiple stitches.


    “To say that Jason was amazing in caring for Sierra is an absolute understatement,” said James. “Words cannot express our gratitude for his professionalism, compassion, patience, understanding, communication, knowledge, empathy and love shown to her during those hours of care, which extended well beyond his shift.”

    “For her to have been so frightened being in the Emergency Department, Sierra has begged her mother to go back when it is time to have her stitches removed, wanting only Mr. Jason to do so,” added James. “Sierra’s outlook on healthcare could have been very different had he not cared for her that evening. He deserves to be recognized for bestowing exemplary, whole-hearted care to my niece.”

  • McLeod Nurse Receives August DAISY Nursing Award

    McLeod Registered Nurse Jeremy Odom was named the August DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on August 16, 2018. Odom was nominated by Jessica Harris for the care he provided to her grandmother when she was a patient in the McLeod Coronary Care Unit.


    “From the moment Jeremy began caring for my Grandmother, he was attentive to her needs and meticulous in keeping her comfortable,” said Harris. “Not only did Jeremy provide her with excellent medical attention, he also brought a high level of compassion and care. He was personable, gentle, and spoke to her with kindness and love. Jeremy never failed to take the time to slowly and calmly explain as much as he could to my Grandmother and to the family.

    “I will be forever touched by the care and comfort he provided my Grandmother. I truly believe Jeremy should be recognized for his amazing work. There is no doubt in my mind he has touched so many more lives than just our family,” added Harris.

    Odom began his nursing career with McLeod in 2009 as a Nurse Extern. He received his nursing degree from Florence-Darlington Technical College and his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Capella University.

  • McLeod Nurse Receives July DAISY Nursing Award

    McLeod Registered Nurse Emery Aldea was named the July DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on July 17, 2018. Aldea was nominated for the care she provided to Jeff Osborn when he was a patient in the McLeod Heart and Vascular Intensive Care Unit.


    “Emery showed constant love and care for me as I was recovering from triple bypass open heart surgery,” said Osborn. “She truly loves her job and it shows through everything she does. It is not just a job for her. Emery took time to answer questions and always had a pleasant attitude. When it came time for me to go home, she hugged not only me, but my wife, Maribeth, as well and wished us the best. We truly enjoyed her presence. May God keep his hand on her.”

    Maribeth Osborn added, “Emery worked tirelessly with Jeff once he woke from anesthesia to keep him comfortable. She kept us informed of everything she was doing, whether adding a medication or drawing blood. I was able to keep a level of calm because everything Emery did demonstrated that she was one hundred percent vested in the care of my husband. She was Jeff’s guardian angel the day of his surgery, and for that I will be eternally grateful.”

  • McLeod Nurse Receives June DAISY Nursing Award

    McLeod Registered Nurse Shelly Vodrazka was named the June DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on June 18, 2018. Vodrazka was nominated for the care she provided to Renee Prosser’s mother when she was a patient in the McLeod Coronary Care Unit.


    “When we received the tests results that indicated our Mom was not going to make it, Shelly cried right along with my Dad and I as we sat trying to process what was being said,” recalled Processer. “Shelly was so apologetic for showing her emotions. I don’t believe she realized how comforting it was to know that Mom’s caregiver shared our feelings and tears.”

    Vodrazka also elected to remain after her shift to help the family with the transition to hospice care. “Shelly cared for my Mom and for my family,” said Prosser. “She gave all she could that day and I will be forever grateful to her. Shelly exemplifies the true meaning of nursing and providing excellence in healthcare.”

  • McLeod Nurse Receives May DAISY Nursing Award

    McLeod Registered Nurse Josh Harrison was named the May DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on May 17, 2018. Harrison, a Patient Care Supervisor on the Stroke Unit, was nominated by Carrie Shaw, a Clinical Nurse Manager at McLeod Regional Medical Center and wife of stroke patient, Curtis Badder, for the extraordinary care Badder received while in the McLeod Stroke Unit.


    “My husband, at 43-years-old, experienced symptoms that we felt could be a pinched nerve,” said Shaw “His symptoms progressively worsened so we came to the McLeod Emergency Department. Once there we were shocked when we were informed Curtis had suffered a stroke.”

    After Curtis was admitted to the McLeod Stroke Unit. Shaw said, “When I entered his room, Josh was sitting with my husband reviewing the admission assessment. I had a lot of questions running through my head, but I never had a chance to ask any of them because Josh answered them all. He made Curtis and I feel safe, relaxed, and educated on what to expect in the next few days.

    “Josh was an angel for me and my husband while we were in the Stroke Unit. I am so very thankful he is a part of my McLeod family. It makes my heart happy to know he also provides other patients and their families reassurance and a sense of safety and comfort,” added Shaw.

    Badder added, “Josh made me feel at ease at a time when I was feeling very scared and confused. His friendly and caring demeanor were relaxing and reassuring and made me more comfortable. I am so appreciative of his care and I’m glad I can be here today to share my gratitude.”

  • McLeod Nurse Receives April DAISY Nursing Award

    McLeod Registered Nurse Lee Broughton was named the April DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on April 19, 2018. Broughton, a staff nurse on the Cardiovascular Nursing Unit, was nominated by Regina Floyd, RN, a Clinical Instructor for Florence-Darlington Technical College, for the extraordinary compassion and care she demonstrates towards Floyd’s students.


    “My clinical group are senior students but many have not had the opportunity to observe cardiac procedures such as a heart catheterization,” said Floyd. “When Lee learned this, she took it upon herself to make the arrangements so the students could observe a procedure.

    “Each Thursday, when I am here at McLeod Regional Medical Center with my nursing students, Lee’s smiling and caring nature shines through. She makes us all feel welcomed and appreciated and for students that means a lot. A good clinical experience helps mold nursing students into caring nurses,” added Floyd.

  • Cheryl Wilhelm
    March DAISY Award Recipient

    McLeod Registered Nurse Cheryl Wilhelm was named the March DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on March 26, 2018. Wilhelm, a staff nurse for McLeod Hospice, received four different nominations from family members of patients she had cared for over the last six months.


    In one nomination form, a family member wrote, “Cheryl is a phenomenal Hospice Nurse. She truly cares about all of her patients and always goes the extra mile. She treats her patients as a member of her family, with the kindness and compassion that they need.”

    Kay Slice, who nominated Wilhelm for the care she provided to her husband said, “We didn’t know what to expect when my husband was brought to the McLeod Hospice House. Fortunately, Cheryl was there for us, answering all of our questions. Cheryl is so special to my family. We are grateful for the care she gave my husband during his last days.”

  • Louise Gibbs
    February DAISY Award Recipient

    Registered Nurse Louise Gibbs was named the February DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on February 27, 2018. Gibbs, a staff nurse in the Coronary Care Unit, was nominated by a family member of a patient she cared for January of 2018.


    In the nomination form, the family wrote, “We would like Louise recognized for the excellent work that she does. She takes her job very seriously and is the best nurse. She treats her patients like family. Louise even came into our room singing my Dad’s favorite music to make him feel better.”

    “I am honored to be recognized with this award,” said Gibbs. “Each morning when I come to McLeod, I pray for the Lord to put those who need me in my care. I feel blessed to be here every day to help my patients.”

  • Nikki Horne
    January DAISY Award Recipient

    Registered Nurse Nikki Horne was named the January DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on January 23, 2018. Nikki, the Assistant Director of Nursing for the Operating Room, was nominated by her brother, Paden Capps, a Business Manager for the Finance Analytics/Optimization Department at McLeod.


    Paden nominated Nikki for the role she played in saving Jimmy McGee’s life after a near fatal accident on I-77 last October. Nikki was traveling with her family on I-77 near Columbia when they came upon the accident. Nikki witnessed a man crawling out from a vehicle that appeared to have rolled over multiple times. Instead of driving by and assuming that help was already on the way, she insisted that her husband stop the car for her to help. When she reached the gentleman she could see his arm was severely injured. With more than 16 years of nursing experience including serving on a trauma team — Nikki had the skills to handle such a situation.

    McGee was losing a significant amount of blood. Nikki yelled out to her husband, Evan, that she needed something to make a tourniquet and he brought her his belt. She used a bystander’s towel to wrap around McGee’s arm and utilized the belt as a tourniquet. McGee kept saying that he was getting dizzy, but Nikki continued talking to him to keep him alert until EMS arrived on the scene.

    “Some people work just to get a paycheck, but I know nursing is more than that to Nikki,” said McGee. “She was my guardian angel that day. If she had not stopped I wouldn’t be here today to thank her. She has even inspired me, now if I drive by an accident myself I stop to see what I can do to help.”

  • Jennifer Morris
    December DAISY Award Recipient

    Registered Nurse Jennifer Morris was named the first DAISY Award Recipient for McLeod Regional Medical Center on December 21, 2017. Jennifer, a nurse on the Labor & Delivery Unit, was nominated by patient, Brandi Rogers.


    During her fourth month of pregnancy, Brandi received the news that her baby had a confirmed diagnosis of anencephaly, a serious, fatal birth defect. She and her husband knew that carrying their daughter Emersyn to full term was the right choice for their family. One of their wishes was that the staff be apprised of their situation before the day of delivery. Jennifer volunteered to be there for the birth of Emersyn.

    “I have no doubt Jennifer was called to be a nurse,” said Brandi. “Almost every keepsake I have of Emmy’s is because of Jennifer. From a lock of hair to copies of her footprints is all thanks to Jennifer. And, when I didn’t have the strength to give Emmy her first bath, Jennifer stepped in to help.

    “I will be forever grateful for the care we received. I am thankful Jennifer was there for Emmy’s first and last breath. Jennifer is the kind of person and nurse unlike any other. She is passionate about what she does. There is no one I believe more deserving to be the first recipient of the DAISY Award then Jennifer. She is the true definition of an incredible nurse,” added Brandi.

    “Jennifer is so worthy of this award,” said Tony Derrick, Vice President of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer for McLeod Regional Medical Center. “On behalf of McLeod, we thank her for the extraordinary work she does every day.”