New Patient Portal Intro

Providing you with convenient and easy access to your information is a priority at McLeod Health. To achieve this, we are working to institute ONE electronic medical record, or “EMR” for all McLeod Health services including hospital and physician office records and bill. Medical records will be more comprehensive and all of your McLeod Health providers will have easier access to your medical information. This will be a two year-long journey, with the goal of providing YOU with a simpler, more patient-centered system.

As we make this transition, our patient portal will continue to offer you access to our previous electronic systems as well as to our new EMR. Please be patient with us, as we guide you through a few questions designed to lead you to either our previous EMR system or our new system, according to your information needs. If at any time during this process you have a question, please call 843-777-5377.