A Recognized Community Leader

Stokes Regional Eye Center has been recognized as a community leader in eye care since 1938. Today, it maintains a regional presence as a result of the Stokes family's tradition of caring.

The eye center founders had a vision of providing a safe, efficient surgical experience to residents of the Pee Dee region. In 1983, after intense collaboration by Dr. Hunter Stokes, Sr. with government officials to develop federal and state regulations, Stokes Regional Eye Center transformed the second floor of their two story building into the Pee Dee Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Ambulatory surgery centers provide surgical services to patients not requiring hospitalization. This center became the first freestanding surgery center in the state and served as a role model for the development of other surgery centers in South Carolina.

In 1996, the Pee Dee Ambulatory Surgery Center became known as the McLeod Ambulatory Surgery Center. Utilizing the latest in ophthalmic technology, the center averages 1,300 various eye procedures a year. With its own business office and patient coordinators, the center provides each patient with a customized care plan according to his or her specific health care needs. Demonstrating excellence in service and providing patient centered care, the McLeod Ambulatory Surgery Center is completing its second decade of improving the sight of many of our citizens.

For years, McLeod Ambulatory Surgery Center has received the Palmetto Hospital Trust Safety Award recognizing the high quality of care they continue to provide.

The McLeod Ambulatory Surgery Center is located at 602 East Cheves Street, Florence, SC. Call (843) 777-6451 for more information.



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