Your Gifts To The HOPE Fund Helps Patients When They Need It The Most

Thank you for your interest in the HOPE Fund (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday). Cancer does not discriminate but touches lives of every background. While the HOPE Fund provides resources for all McLeod cancer patients, the needs are often more acute for those with financial challenges.

Gifts like yours, provide help with the many socio-economic issues that present barriers to care for this vulnerable population. Services include assistance with transportation, pain and nausea medications, special nutrition, as well as many other individualized patient needs.

The needs are great and help can be made available quickly and decisively because of donors to the HOPE Fund, like you. Please give today.


  • HOPE Advisory Committee

    Robin Aiken – Chair
    Dr. Carol Adams
    Judy Bibbo
    Jill Bramblett
    Janet Brand
    Susan Burley
    Reverend Kathy Campbell
    Deb Colones
    Anne Ervin
    Christy Fairchild
    Audrey Gilbert
    Beverly Hazelwood
    Kimberly Hyman
    Amy Johnston
    Linda Mallick
    Lisa Mcdonald
    Shirley Meiere
    Courtney Moore
    Sandra Morris
    Debbie Payne
    Roxanna Prezioso
    Lauren Snipes
    Ginger Sullivan
    Linda Weatherford
    Belle Zeigler

  • A Love Letter for McLeod Legacies

    We all want a place where our life stories matter … our voices heard … our work is celebrated … our failures embraced … our hopes unleashed. A place where we can use our energies and resources to truly impact others. Thirty-seven years ago, as a newlywed, I was lured from Greenville, SC, by my husband, Rob, to work here in our early twenties.

  • HOPE Fund – Helping Patients When They Need It The Most

    The HOPE Fund was created to break down barriers that oncology patients face when dealing with the financial effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Gifts made in support of the HOPE Fund help fund patient support services. Recent milestone of the HOPE Fund is the establishment of the HOPE Resource Center locate on the Concourse in the Cancer Center.

  • The HOPE Endowment Fund Ensures Future Funding

    Generous donors to the HOPE Fund have learned how their gifts can have an immediate impact on patients during their cancer journey.

    The HOPE Fund Advisory Committee recognized the critical nature of many of the programs which are funded through annual gifts. As they have looked strategically to the future of the efforts it was decided that establishing an HOPE Endowment would ensure funding for some of the most essential services for generations to come.

    An Endowment Fund was established in 2017 with an initial gift from the McLeod Volunteer Auxiliary. A goal of $1million has been set to allow eventual proceeds be available to fund the most critical services.

  • Legacies of HOPE …

    The HOPE Fund Advisory Committee directs these essential funds given by supporters like you. These dedicated volunteers recognized the critical nature of many of the programs which are funded through your gifts. As they look strategically to the future, the need for a HOPE Fund Endowment was vitally important. The earnings from the Endowment would provide funding for some of the most crucial services for our patients.