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  • Providing Wings to Those in Need

Providing Wings to Those in Need

Men’s Group Joins Forces to Impact Lives

In 2014, a group of 60 men joined forces to become the McLeod Men -- a philanthropic organization partnered with the McLeod Health Foundation. More than five years after its inception 120 men have joined, increasing the group’s impact each year.

The McLeod Men, who meet quarterly, annually review McLeod Health programs and decide what their membership dues will support. In the past, the group has supported lung screening scholarships and funded equipment used to enhance the patient experience.

This year, Maureen Byrd, a nurse practitioner with the McLeod Home-Based Palliative Care Team, presented an exciting new effort to the McLeod Men -- the Butterfly Fund.

The Butterfly Fund will provide immediate support for Hospice and Palliative Care patients who struggle to afford basic items necessary for their care. This includes medication, nutrition, minor medical equipment, and other needs requiring urgent assistance.

“In her compelling presentation, Maureen explained how providing critical support for patients can drastically change their medical outcome,” said Dr. Charlie Jordan, Chairman of the McLeod Men.

When it came time to vote, it was clear that this presentation had touched hearts. As a group, the Men approved funding to establish the Butterfly Fund.

“It took less than five minutes for us to realize the critical importance of this program,” recalled Dr. Jordan. “We knew that this is exactly what the McLeod Men are here to support.”

Through the generosity of the McLeod Men, the Butterfly Fund will provide patients with the “wings” necessary to journey through an especially difficult chapter in their life.