What are the Membership Dues?

The membership dues for the McLeod Seacoast Angels are a minimum of $100 annually and are tax-deductible. The annual membership dues will be pooled and held as the McLeod Seacoast Angels fund, which will then be used to support programs and services of the McLeod Health Foundation at McLeod Seacoast. Each year, the members of the McLeod  Seacoast Angels will vote on how the fund shall be utilized for the benefit of McLeod Seacoast patients and families.

How often will McLeod Angels meet?

The members of McLeod Seacoast Angels will meet for lunch four times a year. An educational program will be presented at each meeting. Educational programs will be selected to be both informative and fun. At the winter meeting, the members will receive information and vote on proposed projects and programs. All programs will first be approved by the McLeod Seacoast Foundation Board of Trustees. Meetings will only be open to members except for the spring meeting which will be used to invite friends to attend who might consider joining the McLeod Seacoast Angels the following year.

How can I join?

McLeod Seacoast Angels membership is open to all who are interested. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the McLeod Foundation at 843-390-8338 or email Nichole Rivers.

  • McLeod Seacoast Angels Advisory Committee

    The McLeod Seacoast Angels Advisory Committee is comprised of dedicated individuals who offer guidance and support to the organization.

    • Sharron Lindsey
    • Emily Tinsley
    • Betty Ann Boggs
  • Member List

    Many women like you are members of McLeod Seacoast Angels. View a list of the McLeod Seacoast Angels here.