Health Center Treats Work-Related Injury and Illnesses and Promotes Wellness.

At our fully-staffed and equipped Occupational Health Center, Care Specialists quickly assess and treat the individual and we communicate with your organization regarding their status. Our Center is located at 149 North Ravenel Street, Florence, SC 29506.

We also provide wellness services to your work site decreasing employee time away from work, while increasing their access to convenient care saving you time and money. See our services listed below.

  • No Appointment Needed, Same-Day Service Available

    We offer same-day service for injury treatment with no advance appointment needed. Our goal: Treat your employee and discharge them in 90-minutes, when no extensive lab work, X-rays or surgery is required.

  • We Work With You to Ensure Timely Return of Employees to Work

    Our goal in working with you to ensure injured employees can remain at work and safely perform productive jobs. Understanding, then following your policies, procedures and paperwork protocols constitutes the foundation for McLeod Occupational Health’s service to you. We want you to educate us on your company’s return-to-work requirements and use of transitional duty.

  • Working with You and Your Employee for The Best Injury Management

    We monitor the progress of all injured employees under our care throughout their treatment process and keep you informed every step of the way. In some cases, injuries require additional treatment, referral to a specialist, and/or admission to the hospital.

  • Overseeing Chronic and Complex Cases

    After treatment for an occupational illness or injury, your employee often returns to work the same day. In some instances, an injury or illness results in a chronic or complex condition. In those situations, we can work with your case management team to develop a plan that achieves maximum medical improvement and case closure.

  • Nursing Available On-Site At Your Location for Your Employees

    McLeod registered nurses are available for assignment to your work location to provide ongoing medical help and direction on workplace safety.

  • Care Available 24/7

    • The Clinic’s hours are from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • After-hours coverage is provided by the McLeod Emergency Departments, McLeod Urgent Care Center or McLeod Urgent Care Darlington.
    • Occupational Health Services staff provides next business day follow up on all cases treated elsewhere after hours.
  • Find the Employee Wellness Program That’s Best For You

    Some of our on-site wellness services include:

    • Health Risk Assessments (HRA): individual and aggregate reports
    • Biometric screening: lab work, blood pressure, height/weight assessment, Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Nurse/nurse practitioner review of HRA/biometric findings with individuals and employer (aggregate report only)
    • One-on-one health/wellness coaching and goal-setting
    • Workers’ compensation initial care/evaluation/follow-up
    • Smoking cessation program
    • Development, implementation and evaluation of wellness challenges
    • Certification training
    • Health education: One-on-one coaching, “Lunch & Learns”, Health fairs, Referral to appropriate McLeod Health resources – physicians, diabetes center, cancer center, etc., and provide written educational materials.
  • Training & Certification Programs

    McLeod Occupational Health also offers classes and training programs to certify and equip employees in:

    • CPR
    • First responder
    • First aid