Occupational Health Consulting Works With You to Improve the Workplace

Through our staff and programs, we can supply assistance in all areas of occupational health, including regulatory compliance, job-site risk assessment, safety planning and ergonomics.

  • Education Programs Support Your Health and Safety Goals

    • Available programs include training and updates in the health and safety field, such as hearing conservation, hazard communication, blood-borne pathogen training and respiratory protection standards.
    • In addition, we conduct classes on injury prevention, proper lifting, posture and more.
    • We’ll tailor an education program to your company’s specific needs.
    • Educating your employees on proper body positioning and overall fitness may reduce your injuries and, therefore, your workers’ compensation costs.
  • Corporate Medical/Nursing Consulting Brings Insight On ADA, OSHA & More

    Our Medical Review Officers support medical, nursing, safety and human resource staff. They assist with:

    • Medical and safety polices for OSHA compliance,
    • Policies for physical examinations, job descriptions, drug screenings, workers’ compensation injuries/illnesses and
    • Compliance with the American Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act.
  • Environmental Exposure Assessment Protects Against Toxic Exposure and Illness

    Employees, industry and the public increasingly raise concerns about the possibility of toxic exposure and illness from occupational activities. McLeod Occupational Health performs workplace and process analyses to evaluate the risk, if any, of acute or chronic exposure to occupational materials or products. We also assess and treat individuals, who may have had an adverse reaction to possible workplace exposures.