One Hundredth TCAR Procedure Performed at McLeod Health Seacoast


Dr. Joshua Sibille is pictured with Kathy Jones, RN, and Melissa Sample, Surgical Technologist.

The McLeod Health Seacoast team has been honored for performing their 100th TCAR procedure (Transcarotid Arterial Revascularization) on Monday, June 14, 2021 by Vascular Surgeon Dr. Josh Sibille with McLeod Vascular Associates.

TCAR, a minimally invasive carotid artery treatment, temporarily reverses the patient’s blood flow to keep blood clots away from the brain to prevent a stroke. Placement of a stent inside the artery helps keep it clear of plaque and minimizes the risk of additional strokes.

McLeod Vascular Surgeons have been performing this lifesaving procedure since 2017 at McLeod Regional Medical Center and McLeod Health Seacoast.

In 2020, the McLeod Regional Medical Center and McLeod Health Seacoast Vascular teams received national recognition as a TCAR Center of Excellence for the second year in a row. This honor is awarded by SilkRoad Medical, the developer of the TCAR procedure. The award is granted to a program with high patient outcomes, superb procedure techniques of the vascular surgeons and excellent care provided to the patients.