McLeod Physicians Perform Area’s First Thrombectomy


The medical experts at McLeod saved a patient from the devastating effects of stroke by removing a blood clot from his brain. The area’s first Thrombectomy procedure was executed in an operating suite at McLeod Regional Medical Center dedicated for this work.

Dr. Basil Shah, a highly skilled diagnostic Interventional Neuroradiologist with more than 38 years of Neuroradiology experience, performed the first Thrombectomy procedure for McLeod. “Our first patient was a 40-year-old man with a wife and three young children,” said Dr. Shah. “Thanks to him seeking emergent stroke care and the Thrombectomy procedure he is now home with his family doing well.”

A dedicated Neurointerventional Bi-plane X-ray Suite for such procedures as Thrombectomy is available at McLeod Regional Medical Center. The Bi-plane imaging system produces highly detailed three-dimensional views of blood vessels heading to the brain and deep within the brain. This technology allows doctors to follow the blood flow path to the exact location of the issue. Designed for the emergency treatment of stroke patients, the suite is equipped with the most advanced medical imaging technologies available.

“Last year, we treated nearly 1,000 stroke patients at McLeod Regional Medical Center and had to send approximately 50 of them to medical centers across the state to receive a Thrombectomy,” said Dr. Ravish Kothari, McLeod Hospital Neurologist. “Now, with our Bi-plane X-Ray Suite staffed by a highly trained team, these patients can stay close to home and loved ones for their care.”