McLeod Physician Leadership Academy
Honors Graduates


McLeod Health is pleased to announce the graduates of the 2018 Physician Leadership Academy. The participants were honored during a graduation ceremony on January 16, 2019.

The Physician Leadership Academy is a ten-month educational program designed to prepare physicians for leadership roles within their practice and the health system. With the rapid changes in healthcare, physician leadership and collaboration within a healthcare system are critical to providing high-quality, efficient care to our community. Physician-led and integrated health systems like the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic are often cited by our peers as models for future healthcare delivery systems. It is impossible to imagine an integrated system without meaningful physician leadership.

To promote these qualities within our own organization, McLeod developed the Physician Leadership Academy. Under the guidance of McLeod Health Chief Medical Officer C. Dale Lusk, MD, and Vice President of Physician Recruiting and Retention Tiffany C. Ellington, the program’s curriculum included seminars by regionally and nationally recognized experts on a variety of topics such as Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Healthcare Finance, Quality & Safety, and Team Building.

The McLeod Health Physician Leadership Academy Class of 2018 included physicians Rodney K. Alan, MD; Hamed H. Ali, MD; Michael E. Bertucci, MD; W. Brad Campbell, MD; Bonnie L. Crickman, MD; Kievers L. Cunningham, MD; Thomas V. DiStefano, MD; Samuel G. Dozier, MD; Marwan K. Elya, MD; Gary H. Emerson, MD; Howard A. Farrell, MD; Amid Hamidi, MD; Deborah L. Kirby, MD; Christopher S. Litts, MD; Robert H. Messier, Jr., MD; Darron J. Molter, MD; Veeral M. Oza, MD; Andrew J. Reynolds, MD; Susan M. Robins, MD; Joshua A. Sibille, MD; John W. Sonfield, MD; Louis S. Strauss, MD; Carmen A. Taype-Roberts, MD; Francesca A. Wilkins, MD; and Gabor A. Winkler, MD.

2018 Administrator Graduates included Cindy Causey, Brad Cole, Pamela Elliott, and Dale Locklair.