McLeod Opens Dedicated Bi-plane Suite for Urgent Stroke Care


The nationally recognized McLeod Stroke and Neurosciences program announces the addition of a dedicated Neurointerventional Bi-plane X-Ray Suite. Bi-plane imaging is used for such procedures as Thrombectomy, a type of minimally-invasive surgery to remove a blood clot from a brain artery. The imaging system produces highly detailed three-dimensional views of blood vessels heading to the brain and deep within the brain.

This technology allows doctors to follow the blood flow path to the exact location of the issue. Designed for the emergency treatment of stroke patients, the new suite is equipped with the most advanced medical imaging technologies available, including two rotating cameras, one on each side of the patient, to take images simultaneously. By producing images at the same time, it reduces the amount of contrast material needed and the time it takes to complete procedures.

“Large vessel ischemic clots causing ischemic strokes are best removed by Thrombectomy,” said Dr. Timothy Hagen, McLeod Medical Director, Stroke and Neurology Services. “Ischemic strokes are the most common type accounting for 87 percent of all strokes. Last year, we treated nearly 1,000 stroke patients here at McLeod and had to send approximately 50 of them to medical centers across the state to receive a Thrombectomy. Now, with our Bi-plane X-Ray Suite staffed by a highly trained team, these patients can stay close to home and loved ones for their care.”

Endovascular Coiling will also be performed in this suite. This is a procedure to treat brain aneurysms from inside the blood vessel. Small metal coils are inserted into the aneurysm through the arteries that run from the groin to the brain. These coils stop the blood from flowing into the aneurysm.

The rupture of an aneurysm often occurs without warning and can very quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. Immediate emergency treatment is vital to reduce the risk of permanent, severe neurological damage or death.

“The cutting-edge technology within the Bi-plane X-Ray Suite takes our Stroke and Neurological Care to the next level so we can better serve our patients,” added Dr. Hagen.