McLeod Clinical Pastoral Education Underway


The newly accredited Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program at McLeod is
underway with five chaplain interns. They are Mitchell Anderson, Jerry
Dicks, Gloria Ham, David Deming and Jacqueline Myers. The program is
available to anyone interested in being a chaplain.

For 26 weeks, CPE participants learn the elements of providing pastoral
care. "A unique challenge for pastors in hospitals is learning how to care
for people despite differences in beliefs," says Stuart Harrell, Assistant
Director of Pastoral Services. "Through this program, interns gain
leadership experience while working in a large organization with many

According to Stuart, some individuals participate in this program to
discern whether they are called to ministry.

Each student is assigned to patient care units and works with the nurses to
identify patients who need pastoral services. The interns then assess the
patient’s needs and beliefs to focus on delivering patient-centered
pastoral care.

"Having this program at McLeod elevates the level of pastoral care we
provide in the region," says Stuart. "It is great for both the hospital and
the community."

Anyone interested in participating in the CPE program should contact Stuart
at 777-2119. An application and interview are required.

The CPE program is funded through the McLeod Foundation.