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Educational Resources from McLeod Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Tips

McLeod Sports Medicine is dedicated to caring for rehabilitation patients and the active community. These tips are being shared to help you improve your athletic performance and decrease the chances of an injury.

Educational Articles and Handouts

Athletic Training Month
The Core of Abdominal Strengthening
Eating for Race Day
Heart Rate Monitoring

Ankle Bracing for Basketball Players
Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps: What's the Cause?
Mindful Holiday Eating
The Other Side to Injuries

Pre-Participation Exam
Preparing College Athlete
Kids and Injuries
Running Clinic

Friends & Family CPR

Kinesio Tape

Preventing Overhead Throwing Injuries

Dynamic Warm Up


Self Talk

Functional Movement Screen

Exertional Rhabdomyolyis

Total Knee Replacement: Part 2


Concussion Law

Injury Screen

Running Tip: Running Long

Total Knee Replacement: Part 1


How To Do Theraband Extension

How To Do Theraband Extension
How To Do Theraband Extension
How To Do Theraband External Rotation
How To Do Theraband External Rotation

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