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Hospice Volunteers

Volunteers in Hospice find it personally gratifying and very meaningful to assist those in need at a critical point in their lives. Volunteers gain greater self knowledge as well as personal spiritual growth through serving others. Volunteering for McLeod Hospice provides a multitude of opportunities that you can choose from, as well as the flexibility to decide how much time you would like to devote to serving others.

McLeod Hospice Volunteers work as members of the medical team to form a network of support for patients and families throughout Florence, Darlington, Dillon, Horry, Marion, Lee, Clarendon and Williamsburg Counties.

Patient Care volunteers require:

• Good interpersonal communication skills

• A healthy adjustment to loss

• An understanding and sensitivity to the grief process

• An ability to maintain appropriate boundaries

To ensure that all volunteers are equipped for the challenge of working with the dying, hospice requires that volunteers complete extensive orientation and training sessions, to help prepare you for your supportive role.

Support Staff/Office Assistance

McLeod Hospice relies on volunteers to help with administrative work. Some of these duties include:

• Entering data

• Processing mail, filing and photocopying

• Making admission folders

• Serving as a receptionist or working at the Nurses Station to greet visitors and answer phone calls that come into hospice

• Working with staff to complete family surveys

Patient Care

Offering care for patients in their homes, long term care facilities or in hospitals is just one of the many ways you can serve as a volunteer. Examples of typical duties of patient care volunteers are:

• Providing support by listening to a patient’s concerns

• Being a comforting and supportive presence

• Engaging in the patient’s hobbies - for example, playing a board game, going fishing or dis­cussing current events

• Running errands

• Doing light housekeeping for the patient and their family

• Transporting a patient to physician visits or shopping

• Giving emotional support to caregivers

• Providing hair-cuts, pet therapy, singing or playing a musical intstrument

• Sitting with dying patients so they are not alone

• Staying with patients to give caregivers a much needed break

• Leading devotionals at the Hospice House

• Building wheelchair ramps, carpentry and doing work in the yard

• Delivering supplies to patients

• Visiting patients in inpatient settings

Special Service Volunteers

Special Service Volunteers are much needed as well. Some of these tasks include:

• Serving on the Advisory Board

• Collecting donations such as heaters, fans and shower heads to add quality to the lives of our patients

• Working in the gardens at the Hospice House

• Providing information about McLeod Hospice at local health fairs

• Collecting donations for the food pantry

• Helping with remembrance services and Camp Jessie's Kids

• Preparing meals or refreshments for families at the Hospice House

• Assisting with fund-raising activities

If you are interested in becoming a McLeod Hospice Volunteer, download an application form or contact the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator by calling (843) 777-2994 or (843) 366-2028 in Horry County. If you are currently a McLeod Hospice Volunteer, please download the activity record report. Once you complete the application form, please return it to McLeod Hospice House 1203 E. Cheves Street or mail the completed form to:

McLeod Hospice
P.O. Box 100551
Florence, SC 29502-0551


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