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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Ab Blast

It's crunch time! Come join us for an intense 10-15 minute abdominal conditioning class.


Set to fun and energetic music, the barre class incorporates an upper body workout and a combination of high-intensivty sequences of thigh, seat, and core exercises at the barre. Each class is designed to let you feel invigorated, challenged, and inspired.

Burn and Firm

Get it done all in one class -- cardio intervals to burn calories mixed with strength/toning intervals to strengthen and tone muscles.

Cardio Core

Prepare to work your core muscles as you move your body. Cardio plus care -- the perfect pair.

Cardio Kickbox

This class will punch and kick the calories away. Learn traditional kickboxing basics, incorporate power moves, and endure speed drills in this sweat-breaking, full-powered workout.

Core H.A.B.I.T.s

Want to change your H.A.B.I.T.s (Hips, Abs, Butt, and Inner Thigh)? This class will allow you to make these changes while concentrating on developing your core muscles providing you with improved posture and balance.

Core Stretch

Energize your body and mind with a sequence of exercises that stretch your muscles, strengthen core muscles, and improve your flexibility, posture and balance.

Fit for Life

A fun, energetic, low-impact aerobic and strength training workout designed for those members who are new to exercise or those members preferring a low impact class. This class will keep you fit for life.

Instructor's Choice

This class will offer a different cardio format each week. Call the Hotline to check for class format and instructor name.

Mat/Barre Fusion

This unique barre class combines all the benefits of barre and Pilates, providing an invigorating total body workout while focusing on and strengthening the core muscles. 

Pilates Mat

Based on the classical Pilates sequence, this class provides the basis for a life-time of health. Your body will change as Pilates mat work is the alpha and omega of core workouts. 

Power Cycle

This high intensity, interval training indoor cycling workout is designed to improve performance, increase strength and endurance. This class combines energizing music with poer-packed intervals, aggressive hill climbs, and drills to puxh you to your persoanl edge! Power Cycle Express packs this workout into a 30-minute time frame. 

Power Step

Get ready for a full class of non-stop step for the intermediate to advanced stepper.

Sculpt U.

This class sculpts your body while educating participants of proper body alignment and form. This total body workout matches traditional strength training movements to music creating a great exercise experience for each participant.

Tai Chi for Arthritis

A practice of 12-form program designed and approved by the Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi program to prevent falls, increase range of motion, and reduce pain. Please note: Group Fitness participants in this class must have completed the 6-week Tai Chi Introductory Session.

Tai Chi for Health

A practice of 32-form Sun-Style Tai Chi program which improves balance, reduces pain, and increases balance and concentration. Please note: Group Fitness participants in this class must have completed the 6-week TAi Chi Introductory Session.

X-treme Chaos

Ready to push yourself to the max -- Xtreme Chaos is for you! You will never know what to expect -- but each class is guaranteed to have you asking "Can I do it?" You will amaze yourself when you find the answer is "Yes, I did!"

X-treme Cycle

Bring studio cardio cycling to a new level. Be prepared to enhance the traditional cycling workout with intervals utilizing a variety of fitness styles and equipment.

X-treme Kick Box

Take your workout to a new level. This kick box class includes power and speed drills of all kinds to vary the workout and take you to the next level. Get ready to sweat!

Yoga, Power Yoga, and Gentle Yoga

Yoga classes combine flexibility training and functional strength exercises to balance muscles, improve core strength, and promote self-awareness and overall well-being. Yoga (The Basics) will teach you the basics of a yoga practice. Power Yoga is a combination of strong, flowing movements to create a high-energy workout. (Prior yoga experience is preferred in order to participate in Power Yoga.) Gentle Yoga provides a less strenuous yoga class for those not yet ready for the demands of other yoga classes. Perfect for those who are looking for a more relaxed workout.


This fun-filled hi-lo impact cardio class combines Latin moves, hip-hop, funk, and belly dancing! You will have fun with this one! Zumba (The Basics) is an introductory class for participants new to Zumba or those looking for a less intense workout.

For more information, please call McLeod Health & Fitness Center at 777-3000.


Group Fitness Policy

  • Two students must be present for class or it will be canceled.
  • No students will be permitted to enter a class more than 10 minutes late. This is for your own safety.
  • If you must leave class early, please be sure to cool down and stretch properly.
  • Please inform your instructor of any injuries and limitations of which he or she should be aware.
  • Proper footwear is essential. Aerobic or cross-training shoes are recommended. No running shoes are allowed.
  • Please ask an instructor to help you determine the correct shoe for you. Participants are encouraged to wear water fitness shoes in aqua classes.
  • All participants must review the pool policies before using the pool. This is for your own safety.
  • Each workout is YOUR workout. Classes are not competitions. Success is measured from within. 
  • Remember to HAVE FUN!

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