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A Message From the Director

DrJebailyDirectorEven in these turbulent times for healthcare, Family Medicine remains the cornerstone of healthcare. More patients identify a "family doctor" as "their own" than any other specialty in medicine. The bonds that develop between a doctor and his/her patient are built on concern, compassion and probably a continuity history of some duration.

In this competitive world of healthcare it is imperative that the "learners" be given the foundation to be able to develop those bonds with their patients. To be competitive, the practitioner of today has to learn management skills, administrative skills and knowledge of how to work in systems of healthcare. At McLeod Family Medicine we can prepare you to meet these challenges as well as provide you with a firm foundation in delivery of medical care.

This is the only residency program in this 453 bed locally-owned, not-for-profit hospital. McLeod Regional Medical Center serves as a regional referral center for approximately one million people in the northeast corner of South Carolina. We are located near intersection of I-95 and I-20.

When you visit our program, you will sense that "family" is central to what we do here. Residents, faculty, staff and families are included in many of our activities. In addition, our residents are given considerable support for their own personal growth and development while here. We feel this is extremely important considering the stress and workload that is part of any residency experience.

Gerard C Jebaily, MD, MHSA, CMD

Program Director 


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