Doctor making notes on MRI scans while holding a voice recorder.

The Latest in MRI Technology at McLeod Dillon

Vantage Titan Improves Patient Care with Large Bore, Reduced Noise
and Extended Field-of-View with Increased Homogeneity.


McLeod Health Open MRI McLeod Dillon utilizes the latest in MR technology by installing the new Vantage TitanTM from Toshiba. The new open-bore of the 1.5T Vantage Titan MR system is 18 percent larger than other 1.5T systems on the market and features the largest available clinical field-of-view (size of the image that is generate), providing the highest level of patient care and diagnostic capability in MR imaging.

The Vantage Titan’s large clinical field-of-view is unique for this bore size and produces high-quality images without compromising overall imaging performance.

The Vantage Titan’s patient-focused features significantly improve patient comfort and increase the range of patients who can be imaged with MR. The open bore provides a greater feeling of openness for the patient, which creates a better imaging experience for all patients - especially those with claustrophobia.

The noise level, which is the most significant cause of patient discomfort during an MR exam, is dramatically less when compared to other models.

The Vantage Titan MR system also takes advantage of Toshiba’s proprietary, contrast-free MRA techniques.


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