Gittings Guest House Testimonial

Karen Gittings, Assistant Professor of Nursing at Francis Marion University, shares the story of her experience with the Guest House at McLeod during her husband's illness.

In the summer of 2010, my husband had open heart surgery. In the days following his surgery, I was sleeping on the floor of the waiting room when a patient representative offered me use of the Guest House at McLeod.

The Guest House is a tremendous help to individuals whose loved ones are undergoing treatmen...

Legacy Gift to Save Lives

Dwight Jenkinson has been both a participant and a witness to the tremendous growth of McLeod Health over the last four decades. Yet, it was the personal recognition of a problem faced by cancer patients that led him to be a part of the solution.

Dwight has been an important member of the McLeod family since 1957. Serving as interim Administrator, Dwight was instrumental in the establishment of McLeod Regional Medical Center at its current location in 1979.

Dwight is acutely a...

Witnessing Miracles. The Nicholas Mohr Story.

Witnessing MiraclesLeah FlemingWhen he was 5, Nicholas Mohr did something his parents feared was impossible. He came home.    Nicholas Mohr is the beautiful five-year-old son of Amy and Dr. Richard Mohr. Nicholas’ big brown eyes light up when he hears the theme song to “Go, Diego, Go!,” a popular children’s television show. However, Nicholas is not like other children his age. “Nicholas is special,” explains his older sister, Charley. “He has a baby brain.”Nicho...

Sarah McElveen Shares Her Story and Her Gratitude

Sarah McElveen was raised in Pamplico along with 10 brothers and sisters. They worked on a farm. She is the sixth of her siblings to be diagnosed with cancer.

When Sarah was informed that she had both colon and breast cancer, her surgeon Dr. Amy Murrell, explained to her that she would need six weeks of radiation therapy as part of her treatment.

Sarah, who has a naturally positive outlook, knew she needed help. She did not have a car or money to afford the daily trips from Pa...

Your Legacy Gift Can Provide for Cancer Patients in the Future By Dr. Rajesh Bajaj, Chairman, McLeod Cancer Committee

My wife, Dr. Anu Chaudhry, who practices obstetrics and gynecology at McLeod, and I came to Florence 17 years ago. Having completed our residencies and fellowships in New York City, we spent three years working in the underserved areas of the Appalachian in Kentucky. Following this service, we considered a number of different opportunities but ultimately decided to move to Florence because of its impressive medical facilities and its family-friendly environment.

With my practice in on...

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