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Welcome to the Gift and Legacy Planning section of the McLeod Health Foundation!

Your Legacy gifts provide far more than financial resources. They give hope.

Thoughtful estate and gift planning allows an individual to take care of themselves,
their loved ones and the causes that were important to them during their lifetime.

There are several factors to consider. If you are not familiar with the concepts and strategies of charitable gift planning,
you might want to take a moment to consider some of the factors in planning for the future.

And check out our chart that describes some charitable means that are available to you – see How Can I Give.

We at McLeod Health Foundation would be honored to be a part of your future plans. All Legacy gifts qualify the donor for membership in the Dr. F. H. McLeod Legacy Society.

If you would like more information, or if we can help in any way,
please contact Elizabeth Jones at (843) 777-2694.

Thank you for your consideration.

  • A Family Affair for the Becker Family

    For nearly a quarter of a century, Drs. Carolyn and Mark Reynolds have been an integral part of the McLeod Health family. Mark was recruited by former McLeod Health President and CEO Bruce Barragan as the first dedicated trauma surgeon at McLeod Regional Medical Center.

  • Caring in a Crisis

    How YOU Can Ensure Your Family and Community are Cared for in Challenging Times

    When you make the decision to give to the McLeod Foundation, you are touching lives you may never have anticipated.

    As Jenna Swindler will tell you, finding time to draft your will — especially in times like these — can be difficult.


    “My husband, Adam, and I knew we needed to make a will,” said Jenna, a mother of two. “But it’s one of those things that gets pushed to the backburner when you get busy.”

    Thankfully, Jenna and Adam were introduced to FreeWill. They created their will in minutes.

    “The process online was very simple. It made making big decisions easy,” Jenna said.

    Through FreeWill, Jenna and Adam not only ensured their family will be cared for down the road, but their community as well.

    You see, Jenna and Adam decided to become members of the Dr. F. H. McLeod Legacy

    Society by including the McLeod Health Foundation in their will. FreeWill and the McLeod Foundation have partnered together to make this process as seamless as possible.

    “I’ve committed so much of my life to this organization that I want to continue to support it after I’m gone,” Jenna explained. “I am very proud of everything we have been able to accomplish across our region.”

    Jenna is especially proud of how McLeod, and supporters like you, have risen to the challenge of COVID-19.

    “So many people have devoted time to keeping us on the cutting edge of Coronavirus treatment at McLeod Regional Medical Center and across all of our hospitals. “We are capable of so much more when we all work together.”

  • What is Your Legacy?

    A Simple Life Lesson Provides for Generous Support

    Your legacy is a distinctive part of you which is left behind as a reminder of who you are and what you care about.

    As newlyweds, Dan and Jon Bozard learned a guiding life lesson from the minister who married them in Oklahoma City.


    When receiving God’s blessings, you should return ten percent for His work, save ten percent for retirement, and live on 80 percent. The young couple took this to heart as they moved to Dillon, South Carolina.

    Dan established his career with Dillon Provision Company and Jon became the Executive Assistant to the Administrator of the local hospital, St. Eugene. They worked to begin giving back the first ten percent to their church. The owner of Dillon Provision also believed in providing an excellent retirement benefit. They were now able to begin investing in charitable organizations they cared about.

    After receiving treatment for a rare blood disorder from Dr. Michael Pavy at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, Dan’s health soon became an important part of the couple’s philanthropic focus. They passionately believe that Dr. Pavy saved Dan’s life.

    When St. Eugene became part of the McLeod Health network in 1997, Dan and Jon were thrilled that their local hospital would thrive. The couple’s involvement with McLeod Health continued to grow.

    While Jon spent her 30-year career working for Administrators at McLeod Health Dillon, Dan served as Chairman of the McLeod Health Dillon Advisory Board and assisted the McLeod Foundation with efforts to raise funds for a new, much needed Emergency Department.

    Dan and Jon’s connection with the McLeod Health Foundation includes McLeod Fellows, McLeod Angels and McLeod Men. They are generous donors supporting the McLeod Health Dillon Emergency Department Campaign, the
    Dr. Douglas Jenkins Cardiac Rehabilitation Fund and many special events.

    As they began to consider their family’s legacy, they recalled the simple lesson taught to them so many years before.

    Recently, when they prepared their will, they decided to return ten percent for God’s work, ten percent for the charitable organizations they care about, and 80 percent for their children.

    In honor of the life-saving care given by Dr. Pavy, they have included the HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) Fund in their estate plans.

    “We have been blessed in so many ways,” shares Dan. “It is our hope to ensure this much needed care is available both now and in the future.”

  • Pee Dee Roots Run Deep

    A Life of Service Leads to a Legacy of Care. Dr. Tarek (Trey) Bishara, a native of Mullins, South Carolina, left the Pee Dee in 1988 to attend medical school at The University of South Carolina.

  • “A Legacy of Passion”

    For Bill and Beverly Hazelwood, leaving a legacy is not about leaving tangible items behind. They feel a real inheritance is a lasting gift to help mankind.

    “We have found that passion is an emotion of both your heart and mind that you act on,” shares Beverly.

    Since 1986, Bill and Beverly have demonstrated their commitment through giving and service through the McLeod Foundation.


    Bill has touched countless lives during his 40-year career as a McLeod Pulmonologist and Critical Care Intensivist. Additionally, he has endeared himself to many through his love for music. Often, he provides comfort by singing to his patients in the intensive care units.

    Beverly, who trained as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse and has served on the McLeod Foundation Board since its establishment, was elected to the McLeod Health Board of Trustees this past year. With a desire to serve others, she has devoted considerable energy to campaigns for the Children’s Hospital, the Guest House, the Hospice House, the Mobile Mammography Unit, the Cancer Center, 3D Mammography and the new Emergency Department.

    Through these many fundraising efforts, she and Bill have made a difference with generous financial commitments.

    While serving as Co-Chair to raise funds for the McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research, Bill was diagnosed with lung cancer. The project suddenly became much more personal for the Hazelwoods. Bill and Beverly decided to include a gift in their will to ensure that McLeod cancer patients who entrust us with their care always have access to the most advanced, lifesaving treatment right here at home.

    Bill and Beverly are quick to share that they have been able to act on their passion of caring for others through a simple act of including the McLeod Foundation in their will.

    Beverly maintains, “One day we will not be remembered as Bill and Beverly Hazelwood; but at this point in our lives, we are grateful that the McLeod Foundation is the avenue we can use to make a positive impact on others in their cancer journey.”

    Like the Hazelwoods, you can leave a lasting legacy of support for those we serve through an estate gift. To learn more, contact Elizabeth Jones, Development Officer, at (843) 777-2694 or Elizabeth.Jones@mcleodhealth.org.

  • Dr. Fred Kranin and his wife, Mary, work with the McLeod Foundation to ensure patients can enroll in McLeod Health's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

    Your Gifts Offer Healthy Recovery for Heart Patients

    The Krainins Establish An Endowment to Provide Cardiac Rehabilitation Scholarships.

    As Dr. Fred Krainin will tell you, Cardiac Rehabilitation is crucial for patients with heart disease.


    A McLeod Cardiologist for more than two decades, Dr. Krainin has seen countless numbers of his patients go on to lead healthy lives thanks to Cardiac Rehabilitation, a cardiovascular wellness program that includes exercise, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle coaching.

    Patients facing financial challenges could not have benefitted from this specialized care without the scholarships that donors like you funded.

    “Cardiac Rehabilitation patients receive care from a team of nurses, dieticians, and therapists. They recover significantly better than patients who cannot participate in the program,” Dr. Krainin explained.

    It has become a passion of Dr. Krainin — and his wife, Mary — to see that every patient who needs Cardiac Rehabilitation is able to participate. This year, the two made a gift to the McLeod Foundation to establish the Dr. Fred and Mary Krainin Cardiac Rehabilitation Endowed Fund.

  • Your Free Guide

    You Can Add McLeod Health to Your Will or IRA

    You can order your free helpful guide by Click here, to download a digital version or to have a hard copy mailed to your home, please contact the McLeod Foundation at (843) 777-2694 or email Elizabeth.Jones@mcleodhealth.org.

  • A Love Letter for McLeod Legacies

    We all want a place where our life stories matter … our voices heard … our work is celebrated … our failures embraced … our hopes unleashed. A place where we can use our energies and resources to truly impact others. Thirty-seven years ago, as a newlywed, I was lured from Greenville, SC, by my husband, Rob, to work here in our early twenties.

  • Growing a Legacy at McLeod

    Dr. Jay and Ellen Pearson have been active members of the Florence community since 1978. Born and raised in Columbia, the two traveled across the country for Dr. Pearson’s general surgery residency, which he completed in Seattle, Washington.

  • Making a Lasting Inheritance

    Wyman and Callie Wise live in North Myrtle Beach where they each own a State Farm Insurance Agency. It’s a home with a little competition to say the least, but with a heart focused on the same goal – to increase the quality of life in their local community. As State Farm agents, they believe in giving back to local philanthropic organizations that make their community a better place to live.

  • Couple Creates Dual Legacies With Gift

    Boone and Robin Aiken are lifelong Florence natives. Both were born in the McLeod Infirmary, and both have dedicated large portions of their lives to making their city and its hospital better places. Now, they are leaving a legacy that will impact the lives of McLeod patients for years to come.

  • A Unique Perspective on Hospice Care

    In 2006, as he sat on the tarmac in Atlanta preparing himself for takeoff, Dr. Trey Bishara received a frantic call from his father. Doctors at a hospital in Charleston had informed Trey’s mother, who was suffering from terminal recurrent breast cancer, that there was nothing more they could do for her. She was being discharged – on a Saturday — and Trey’s father reached out to his son for help.


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