The Team and Timeline That Successfully Brought Us “J.P.”

From an article by Lauren Snipes with
Dr. Brad Campbell, McLeod OB/GYN Associates
McLeod Material Fetal Medicine
Dr. Tommy Cox, McLeod Neonatologist
Dr. David Steflik, McLeod Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Benjamin Elder, McLeod Pediatrics Associates of Florence – West   

“You cannot help but get attached to people who love and care for your child.”  — Cadie Snead, J.P. Snead’s mother

The story of a new baby often focuses on the delivery.  However, as the story of Jameson and Cadie Snead reveals, some babies require the help of a large team and a long timeline.

Feb. 2020: 
Jameson and Cadie Snead learn they are expecting a baby. After years of loss and unsuccessful efforts to conceive, they were elated to begin this journey. Cadie, a Type 1 diabetic, immediately knew that her pregnancy would be a journey involving many different teams at McLeod.

Her Obstetrician, Dr. Brad Campbell with McLeod OB/GYN Associates, guided them in the years leading to this moment and would play a vital role in Cadie’s pregnancy.

10 Weeks:
An abnormality appeared on an ultrasound. Dr. Campbell sent Cadie to McLeod Maternal Fetal Medicine immediately, where those specialists recommended more extensive testing.

15 Weeks:
The Sneads learned that their baby had a rare genetic syndrome. A potential consequence was heart defects for their little boy.

16 Weeks:
Jones Parker Snead (J.P.) receives his first fetal echocardiogram. He was closely monitored for many different complications but especially his cardiac health.

30 Weeks:
Cadie began going to the hospital several times a week to have “non-stress tests.”

35 Weeks:
Cadie began showing signs of placenta insufficiency. Dr. Campbell, along with the Maternal Fetal Medicine team, decided on a C-section. They were confident J.P. could be safely delivered at McLeod Regional Medical Center since his heart was stable and healthy.

36 Weeks:
J.P. arrives at normal birthweight. After a few hours, McLeod Neonatologist Dr. Tommy Cox recommended that J.P. be taken to the NICU for respiratory distress.

2 Weeks – Post-birth check-up:
During J.P.’s two-week routine weight check at McLeod Pediatric Associates, his Pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Elder detected  a murmur along with multiple heart defects that would require frequent visits and close monitoring. Dr. Elder referred them to Dr. David Steflik, the region’s only Pediatric Cardiologist.

J.P. receives an echocardiogram while in the NICU. Dr. David Steflik conducted this procedure and discovered a few abnormalities, but nothing urgent or too worrisome.

“We want to continue to give back through the McLeod Health Foundation to support this noble work,” says J.P.’s mom.

Pregnant or planning to get pregnant, seek the ongoing advice of an Obstetrician.

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