MitraClip – New Treatment for Leaky Heart Valves

From an interview with
Dr. Ravi Parikh
McLeod Cardiology Associates Florence

The Mitraclip Procedure is a minimally invasive way to repair faulty mitral heart valves. McLeod Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Ravi Parikh describes using the MitraClip.

Here is a summary  of Dr. Parikh’s comments:
The MitraClip procedure is performed by inserting a catheter through a vein in the leg and using x-ray and ultrasound to position that catheter and device. Once we confirm adequate capture of the mitral valve leaflets with the device, we release the clip. The clip fastens the leaflets together, so the valve becomes less leaky.
The main advantage for the patient is recovery is a lot shorter. Most patients leave the hospital the next day with a very tiny incision in their leg. With functional mitral regurgitation due to congestive heart failure, there’s a lot of benefit in terms of keeping the patients out of the hospital and helping them feel better. In certain studies, there’s mortality benefit, meaning people live longer after they’ve had the device.
The most important thing about the mitral valve clip or full surgery is that patient’s quality of life will be significantly improved once the disease is fixed. If you are having symptoms, you should talk your primary care doctor or your cardiologist about having a procedure so you can potentially feel significantly better.

Are experiencing unusual fatigue, shortness of breath or sense an irregular heartbeat? With the MitraClip procedure or full mitral valve surgery, it’s important that you talk with your primary care doctor or your cardiologist about your symptoms. Ultimately, the goal is to help you feel better, keep you out of the hospital and potentially help you live longer.

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