McLeod OrthoNOW for Minor Orthopedic Injuries

From an interview with
Dr. Brandon McDonald
Orthopedic Sports Medicine Physician

“Here at McLeod, we have a new service line called OrthoNOW, which is a clinic. It’s basically a walk-in clinic in the orthopedic department that offers same day appointments. You know, when it happens, whether it’s a fall or a sports injury, you can walk into the clinic and be seen that day by an orthopedic trained provider. Typically it’d be a non-operative sports medicine doctor, such as myself, or one of the advanced practice providers. And you could be evaluated, get an onsite x-ray.

McLeod OrthoNOW service is open nights and weekends, seven days a week. It’s a very good option for any kind of sprains, strains, contusions, simple fractures. It could either be treated right then and there, or triaged through the appropriate orthopedic provider.

McLeod started the McLeod OrthoNow service line to increase patient accessibility to orthopedic trained providers and just trying to make the process more efficient for people and to get them where they need to be quicker.

People, whether it’s at their job or in school or wherever the case may be, may have a simple injury, whether it’s a sprain in their ankle or strain in their hamstring, that doesn’t really require a trip to the emergency department. You can make an appointment. You can call ahead, but it’s not necessary.

If you were to walk in, you’ll be triaged and evaluated by an orthopedic trained provider. Onsite x-ray is available. They’ll determine the extent of the injury, what’s needed. They have the ability to order advanced imaging such as an MRI or a CT scan if it’s necessary.

So I think the greatest benefits are availability and appropriate care for injuries such as sprains, strains, contusions, even potentially simple fractures, things like that.”

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