Cardiac Rehab: Road to Recovery from Heart Issues

From interviews with
Dr. Brian Blaker
McLeod Cardiology Associates Florence
and heart patient Dennis Sullen

A heart problem often leads the patient through diagnosis, tests, and procedures with talented physicians. Yet, the path to recovery doesn’t end there, as McLeod Cardiologist Dr. Brian Blaker told McLeod heart patient Dennis Sullen.

Here is Sullen’s story:
At work, we had a management meeting. I started to feel a little tightness in my chest. Finished the meeting and I said, “Well, I know it’s something. Better get over to the emergency room.”
The ER doctor said, “Since you’re here and you have a history of heart problems, it might be a good to admit you and do some extensive tests.”
The tests indicated that I did have blockages in my heart. So, they put in two stents. From the moment after the stents went in, I started feeling considerably better.
Dr. Brian Blaker, my physician, explained what was going on with my heart and that one of the better things that I could do for outstanding survival rates would be to do the rehab process.
After having this experience, I know firsthand now that there is help, recovery and quality of life that a person can have.

Dr. Blaker:
Cardiac rehab allows patients to start doing strenuous activity again in a monitored environment, where there is a team of rehabilitation specialists to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and activity level. The goal for patients is to return to their normal activities of daily living. This also gives our patients peace of mind that they can start doing more activities and know that their hearts are in good hands.

After completing cardiac rehab, patients commonly acknowledge and are even surprised that they can do much more than they could before.

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