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The McLeod Work Recovery Center is the industry's resource for reducing overall costs by providing objective data in testing, treatment and job site services in order to maximize the employees' job performance. The Center provides an advanced system of evaluation, treatment, prevention services, disability management and pre-employment testing. The Center helps return employees back to work in a safe and timely manner and provides specific programs designed to treat the injured worker during the outpatient treatment phase.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

The FCE is a series of functional and job related tests used to identify an individual's work capacities. The FCE can provide information of an individual's work ability, which can be compared with physical job requirements or Department of Labor work demand levels. Efficient and thorough testing, using objective data provided through our FCEs, enables our professionals to recommend the best course of action for your employee. Recommendations may include treatment goals for a work conditioning program, a work hardening program, or transitional duty. If needed job requirements can be obtained by a job analysis.

Work Conditioning / Work Hardening

These programs focus on return to work through activities such as total body stretching, endurance/strengthening exercises, body mechanics instruction, work simulation, and pain management. Additionally, these programs enhance safe job performance and injury prevention.

Post Offer / Pre-Employment Screening

These screenings determine whether a job applicant can safely perform essential job tasks. The employer and the Work Recovery Center can develop an objective screening test to match essential job functions.

Job Site Analysis

This study of a job site can identify job functions (such as, pushing, pulling, lifting, walking, climbing, etc.) required for possible use in, post offer/pre employment testing, physical capability testing, and for a possible need in the development of job descriptions.

Injury Prevention/Reduction Training

This training, for groups or individuals, provides instruction to reduce cumulative trauma disorders. Presentations, available on-site or at our facility, focus on benefits of safe work practices related to issues such as: safe lifting techniques and practice; fitness; and ergonomics in office and industrial settings.

The McLeod Work Recovery Center is located at:

2439 Willwood Drive
Florence, South Carolina
Phone: 843-777-5139
Fax: 843-777-8165



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