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McLeod Offers Region’s Only Inpatient Hospice Facility

The goal of McLeod Hospice is to care for patients in familiar surroundings such as their home or in other settings such as assisted living or long-term care facilities.

However, we realize that not all patients can be cared for at home. To meet the needs of our community, the McLeod Hospice House provides inpatient care for acutely ill McLeod Hospice patients. Respite Care and Residential Care is also available to McLeod Hospice patients at the Hospice House.

As the region's only inpatient facility, the McLeod Hospice House is a 24-bed home that provides patients, families and the community:

  • A Resource Room for education of patients, families, and the community.
  • A Chapel where anyone can come to pray, reflect or meditate.
  • Gardens and a Courtyard where the warmth of the sun can warm the heart and renew the spirit.
  • A Living Room and Kitchenette, adjacent to the patient rooms, that serves as a quiet place for private family time.
  • A Family and Reception Area to provide ample space for families to be together.
  • A Kitchen/Dining Area for families to prepare a meal.

Thanks to the generous support of businesses, community organizations, churches and families throughout the region, the 12-bed McLeod Hospice House was completed in 2005. An additional 12 rooms were added in 2012 to allow more families to experience the wonderful care many have received at the McLeod Hospice House.

 The Hospice House is located at 1203 East Cheves Street in Florence, SC.



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