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McLeod Hospice Is The Best Choice

There are many Hospice options, but McLeod Hospice is the best choice for many reasons.

We are not-for-profit.

  • Funds are used to support services, not pay shareholders or owners.
  • We provide hospice care to any qualified patient, no matter whether they have insurance or an ability to pay.

McLeod Health is your region's largest healthcare team with 5 contracted hospitals.

  • McLeod Hospice patients can be admitted to any McLeod Hospital with the assistance of the Hospice staff.
    • Under federal law, patients enrolled in other hospices must discharge their hospice before admittance to any hospital.
  • If McLeod Hospice patients are taken to a McLeod Emergency Department, their costs will be covered.
    • Other hospice providers will not cover the cost of a McLeod ER visit and the hospice patient or their family may have to handle out-of-pocket costs.

We have two full-time hospice-certified physicians, spending ALL their time caring for hospice patients. They do not split their time between a private practice and hospice.

We are the Florence region's only hospice with a Hospice House for patients and their families who meet criteria for inpatient care.

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