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On Admission the Hospice Care Team will Develop an Individualized Plan of Care

This plan is based upon the needs of each patient and the recommendations of the patient's physician, and is reviewed by the patient and family. The plan of care is updated based on any changes to the patient's condition. This plan will include:

  • Physical care
  • Personal care and comfort
  • Spiritual needs
  • Psychosocial needs


Discharge and Transfer

A discharge or transfer from hospice may occur in the following situations:

  • A change in the level of care needed by the patient
  • The patient moves out of our service area
  • The patient decides to seek aggressive, curative care
  • The patient no longer desires hospice care
  • The patient is no longer terminally ill

The patient and their family will be given advance notice of a transfer to another agency or of a discharge. If the patient is being transferred to another agency, McLeod Hospice will provide the necessary information for their continued care. In the case of a discharge, an assessment will be done and instructions provided for ongoing care.



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