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Cardiac Rehabilitation Center: On the Road to Recovery

If you're recovering from a heart attack or open-heart surgery, have stable angina or are at high risk for heart disease, the McLeod Cardiac Rehabilitation Program can be of tremendous support for both you and your family.

PHASE 1: The first phase of the program takes place at McLeod Regional Medical Center after you have been diagnosed with heart disease. A cardiac rehabilitation nurse explains heart disease and assesses your risk factors. Progressive, monitored activity then helps you get back on your feet and on the road to recovery.

PHASE 2: During the second phase, you will learn more about nutrition, weight control, exercise, stress, medications and other health concerns. You will participate in three monitored exercise sessions each week where you will perform activities such as treadmill walking, stationary cycling and rowing. This phase typically lasts eight weeks.

PHASE 3: After you have completed Phase Two, or if you are at a high risk for heart disease, you will enter a supervised, structured exercise program in Phase Three. Three supervised exercise sessions are offered each week along with regular educational sessions. This phase will last approximately three months.

PHASE 4: After Phase Three, many patients are able to exercise without supervision. Those who have made acceptable progress will be referred to the many fitness programs offered by the McLeod Health and Fitness Center. However, Phase Four is offered for those who need to continue in a medically supervised exercise regimen.

Many Cardiac Rehabilitation patients have increased capacity for work and play, decreased blood pressure and heart rate, reduction of body fat, improved overall muscle tone and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

McLeod's Cardiac Rehabilitation program is certified and therefore covered by most insurance plans. Each participant must be referred by his or her physician. For more information or assistance, call the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at (843) 777-3080.



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