Heart Reach 7 31 2015

HeartReach Mobile Critical Care Unit Delivers Lifesaving Care

The HeartReach Mobile Critical Care Unit provides excellence in emergency transport services to hospitals and patients throughout the region and surrounding areas.

The first unit of its kind in 1990 in South Carolina, HeartReach was specially equipped to deliver lifesaving care to heart patients.  Today, while the team still excels in their reputation for cardiac care, HeartReach has transitioned to a full critical care transport system.

The mobile Critical Care Unit is equipped with state of the art cardiac equipment which includes: cardiac monitors, defibrillators, pacemakers, a ventilator, hi-tech IV pumps, blood pressure equipment, and the capabilities for a 12 lead electrocardiogram (EKG).

While enroute to the medical facility, the unit is in constant contact with physicians. The technology and personnel available in transport is equivalent to the care received in an Intensive Care Unit at a medical center.

The HeartReach Team is a highly qualified group of critical care nurses, and paramedics, all of whom have completed in-depth specialty training in emergency cardiac and medical care. Each member of the team attends a monthly inservice training session that continually keeps them abreast of the latest advances in critical care. All members have also had extensive training in care for pediatric and adult acute life threatening illnesses. The entire HeartReach operation is supervised by the physician medical director.



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