How to Prevent Stroke

Control Hypertension with Effective Treatment

This involves lifestyle modifications, dietary changes and careful follow up with a physician to be on appropriate medication. Many who have high blood pressure are unaware that they have it. Hypertension is the greatest risk factor for both heart disease and stroke.

Quit Smoking

Those who have never smoked shouldn’t start. Don't allow smokers to smoke inside your house.


A sedentary lifestyle is associated with higher stress, increased obesity and decreased cardiovascular fitness. The treatment is to start getting active. Walking is a wonderful exercise that should be included in every family's schedule. It is the simplest exercise to start and the one exercise people are least likely to quit.

Reduce Your Cholesterol

This can be modified by healthy eating habits and avoiding saturated fats. Medical therapy may be necessary for treatment of significant elevated cholesterol.

Manage Stress

Stress alone can cause temporary spikes in blood pressure. All stress can't be avoided but it can be managed. That is, avoid stressful situations when they are unproductive and unfruitful. Learn to recognize stress and take the appropriate steps to alleviate it, whether that is talking it out with friends or doing some slow regular meditative breathing to blunt the effects of stress.



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