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Why Risk Your Health and Peace of Mind When Advance Cardiac Care is So Close at Hand?

When it comes to heart care...too many people may wait until it's too late. Are you getting regular check-ups with your physician? Do you routinely have your blood pressure checked? Do you know the warning signs of a heart attack?

As the regional leader in cardiac services, the McLeod Heart and Vascular Institute provides the most comprehensive heart care in the Carolinas.

At McLeod, our team of skilled specialists have leading edge technology at their fingertips.....for accurate diagnosis and state-of-the-art care.

Our experience, knowledge and access to technology allows us to deliver the highest quality and most innovative surgical treatment for heart disease. Our Cardiothoracic Surgeons are board-certified in thoracic surgery.

A Cardiothoracic Surgeon performs any surgical procedure involving the heart, to either correct an acquired defect, such as blockages in the coronary arteries; or congenital defects, which is a defect of the heart someone would have been born with. The surgeon also replaces or repairs diseased valves of the heart. Any of these procedures would be considered open heart surgery.

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) has launched a website to provide patients with a guide to heart, lung, and esophageal surgery, click here to connect to the website ctsurgerypatients.org

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