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Diversity of the IRB membership is also important in order to sufficiently evaluate the clinical study in terms of science, law, ethics and community attitudes. Membership cannot consist of entirely men or of women or entirely of members of one profession. In addition, there must be at least two members from non-scientific areas. One of those members must not be associated with the institution. Our McLeod Health board consists of 18 individuals who have supported our dedication to patient research and protection.

Members of the Institutional Review Board

Walter E. Connor, MD (IRB Chairman)
Judy Bibbo, MHA (IRB Vice-Chair)
Beki Cooley, MHA/MBA
Jamie Craig, PharmD
Shari Donley, MBA

Evelyn Fulmore, PharmD

Marilyn Godbold
Joseph E. Heyward, PhD
C. Lynne Belissary Maroney, MD
Mary Lou Martin, MSN

Lisa McDonald, BSN, OCN, CBCN

Thomas Pietila, M.Div.
Hari Rajagopalan, PhD
Sreenivas Rao, MD

Thomas Richardson, Esquire
Evelyn Roman
Martha Ruff
Marcia Wilds, MHA
Ruth Wittmann-Price, PhD

IRB Administrative Staff

Natalie S. Bee, BS (IRB Coordinator)
Noah Kleckner, BA (Cancer Research Coordinator)



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