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Title: General Surgery
Instructor: Joseph M. Pearson, Jr., M.D.

Location: McLeod Regional Medical Center
Florence, SC
Number of students: 1
Duration: 4 weeks
Credit hours: 5
Course offered: Fall, Spring

General Surgery Description

This educational experience offers the medical student an opportunity for one-on-one teaching with a General Surgeon. It combines hospital and office experience. The rotation includes attending rounds and patient management responsibilities. The medical student will have the opportunity to assist in the operating and emergency room. The student will complete a history and physicals on patients assigned and, utilizing the information gathered, present the patient to the attending. The student will be expected to suggest possible solutions to the problems defined.

Course objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to perform a history and physical and establish a plan of care for the problems defined. The student will be able to take definitive and immediate action including ordering laboratory and x-ray studies in selected cases. The student will interact with consultants as directed by the attending.

Instructional methodology

Skill demonstration and return demonstration in surgery, emergency room and office environments. Didactic information will be provided in a discussion format, the student will be required to utilize a case study method of reading, examining and presenting to the attending in selected cases. The student will be free to attend the lectures, which are available in the hospital and the Family Medicine Center.



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