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Sports Medicine

Course #: FAMMD-873

Title: Sports Medicine
Instructor: Patrick K. Denton, M.D.

Location: McLeod Regional Medical Center
Florence, SC
Number of students: 2
Duration: 4 weeks
Credit hours: 5
Course offered: Year round (prefers months of September, October, and November)

Sports Medicine Description

The student will actively participate in the daily evaluation and management of patients in a pediatric cardiology practice both in-patient and in the clinic.

Course objectives

The student will acquire and improve skills in history and physical exam as well as develop an understanding of innocent versus pathologic murmurs. The student will also gain the ability to give detailed differential diagnoses of potential cardiac lesions based on the H&E. The student will learn diagnostic techniques for cardiac rhythm interpretation, learn the indications for and the limitations of Echo's, ECG's, Holters, and event monitors, and develop skills in the E&M of HTN, obesity, syncope, palpitations, and chest pain in pediatric patients.

Instructional methodology

The student will see patients, read assigned chapters/pagers, complete ECG worksheets, and attend lectures.

Performance assessment and grading

Assessment and grading will be based on participation, willingness to learn, and showing progress throughout the rotation. There are no exams.



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