Stethoscope laying on top of an x-ray.


Title: Radiological Science
Instructor: Raymond L. Thomas, M.D.

Location: McLeod Regional Medical Center
Florence, SC
Number of students: 1
Duration: 4 weeks
Credit hours: 5
Course offered: Fall, Spring

Radiology Description

This course gives the student instruction and experience in all branches of radiological science. Emphasis is placed on imaging techniques. The student is exposed to a variety of imaging techniques including radiography, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound. In addition, the student is shown laboratory testing in nuclear medicine and therapeutic techniques using radiation. Approximately three-fourths of the course is devoted to diagnostic radiology. The remaining time is divided among nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and radiation therapy.

Course objectives

The student will have participated in the performance of all routine imaging procedures, and will have gained understanding of their clinical usefulness. The student should be able to make limited interpretations of basic images such as chest films and brain scans, and should be able to use imaging more effectively in his clinical work. In addition, it is hoped that the student will gain some understanding of the potential for future development of imaging techniques.

Instructional methodology

Principles and techniques will be presented during regularly scheduled lectures (2 hours per week). The student will participate in the performance of all studies (this will include a short history, limited physical examination and a review of the hospital chart). All images will be reviewed and critiqued daily by the student and instructor. During the course, problems will be given and these problems will provide direct individual experience with a variety of imaging methods.



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