Stethoscope laying on top of an x-ray.

Pediatric Orthopedics

Title: Pediatric Orthopedics
Instructor: Albert Gilpin, M.D.

Location: McLeod Regional Medical Center
Florence, SC
Number of students: 1
Duration: 4 weeks
Credit hours: 5
Course offered: Year round

Pediatric Orthopedics Description

An introduction to pediatric-age patients with a wide variety of orthopedic issues. Student will do history and physical exams and develop treatment plans. Will work in outpatient office and hospital.

Course objectives

  • Obtaining a Pediatric Orthopedic history
  • Performance of Pediatric Orthopedic exam
  • Understand alteration of growth differences
  • Ability to describe and manage common pediatric orthopedic conditions
  • Understand orthotic care and prosthetic care
  • Understand Pediatric Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Basic understanding of plain radiographs
  • Instructional methodology
  • Lectures, rounds/discussions and patient contact

Performance assessment and grading


Competency-based evaluation form.


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