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Pastoral Services Volunteer Program

McLeod's mission is to be the choice for medical excellence in the Pee Dee region. Part of excellent patient care is caring for the needs of the whole person. As persons are spiritual beings, the spiritual and pastoral care of patients at McLeod is an important facet of our excellent care. The healing effect of spiritual support is beneficial to people undergoing medical treatment.

The Department of Pastoral Services makes chaplains and pastoral care volunteers available for the emotional and spiritual needs of patients, their families, and staff. The Pastoral Care Volunteer Program is a way of enhancing the presence and support of spiritual and emotional care at McLeod Regional Medical Center, and McLeod Medical Center-Darlington.

The program incorporates a significant presence of local religious leaders and lay volunteers who represent the community while nurturing a cooperative relationship beneficial to patients of all walks of life and faith traditions.

The Pastoral Services Department offers opportunities to local clergy and lay people to become familiar with an organized pastoral care program. Volunteers are drawn from laity and clergy in the local and surrounding communities.

Opportunities to work in solidarity with the senior chaplains are an added dimension to improve the ability and experience in the pastoral care task.

Applying to Be a Volunteer

Please contact Rev. Tom Pietila 843-777-2119 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for training dates. The volunteer application can be downloaded here.

For upcoming volunteers:

  1. Information will be sent to the diverse communities of faith and an invitation will be made to those interested. Religious leaders will be asked to submit names of potential candidates for pastoral care volunteers.
  2. Candidates will submit an application and fill out forms required by the Volunteer Services Department of McLeod Regional Medical Center.
  3. Appointments for interviews with the chaplain in charge of the program will follow. If qualified, volunteers will be provided their McLeod ID and other privileges. A TB test and health check will be done by Employee Health Services. A background check will be conducted with your authorization.
  4. A volunteer training orientation specifically designed by senior chaplains will offer basic instruction on clinical pastoral care themes and other hospital-related practical orientation. Bibliographic materials are available.

We look forward to pastoral care volunteers' participation in health care special events where awareness, theological-pastoral concerns, and best practice didactics may be useful in your work.



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