Florence Street in the Early 1900's with houses and cars.


McLeod-Historynew.003When Dr. F.H. McLeod opened his small infirmary in Florence in 1906, few could have imagined the medical milestones that would be achieved over the next century.
McLeod-Historynew.004From eight beds in a remodeled frame house, to the spacious 100-bed brick facility completed in 1916, Dr. McLeod's venture grew quickly and his vision of providing exceptional medical care extended throughout the Pee Dee region.
McLeod-Historynew.005From the beginning, he recognized the importance of an excellent nursing staff – which was reflected in the appointment of Miss Alice B. Commer as superintendant of nurses in 1917. Serving until 1933, she made significant contributions to the quality of nursing care and helped McLeod become the center of nursing instruction for the entire northeastern section of the state.
McLeod-Historynew.006Throughout the 1920s, the hospital continued to grow, serving as the third largest general hospital in the state.
McLeod-Historynew.007In 1928, it introduced the region's first pediatrician. And in 1930, with assistance from the Duke Endowment, the McLeod Infirmary was transferred to a community nonprofit status – with a new Board of Trustees that would help secure institutional perpetuity for the hospital.
McLeod-Historynew.009By the early 1930s, it was clear to Dr. McLeod that a modern, new structure was needed to keep pace with the growing needs of the community. But his health began to falter – and he was unable to continue as the principal dynamic force in the hospital.
McLeod-Historynew.010His son, Dr. James McLeod, stepped in, helped secure financing and opened in 1935 what one medical journal called “one of the finest and best equipped hospitals in the South Atlantic States.” In the depths of the Great Depression, it was a remarkable achievement. Throughout much of the 1930s and 1940s, Dr. James McLeod led the institution with distinction – until his untimely death in early December, 1947.
McLeod-Historynew.011As postwar South Carolina began to recover and grow, McLeod was ready to meet the many challenges that lay ahead. In 1948, its outstanding nursing program was accredited.
McLeod-Historynew.012McLeod battles polio in the Pee Dee.
McLeod-Historynew.013A new North Wing addition in 1956 expanded the hospital's capacity to 225 beds.
McLeod-Historynew.015In 1962, the McLeod Board of Trustees commissioned a master plan for the hospital's next 20 years.
McLeod-Historynew.016Dr. Conyers O'Bryan and McLeod open the first cardiac care unit in the region.
McLeod-Historynew.017And by 1971, our name had changed to McLeod Memorial Hospital. Over the next decade, hospital and community leaders accepted the challenge of establishing a regional medical center to provide more comprehensive health care services.
McLeod-Historynew.018In 1979, McLeod Memorial Hospital became a regional, tertiary center with the opening of McLeod Regional Medical Center. The medical center has continued to grow and expand its services and technology to meet the ever-growing health care needs of the Pee Dee region.
McLeod-Historynew.019Transport for high risk or critical babies from the region to McLeod NICU starts.
McLeod-Historynew.020In 1985, McLeod introduced the region's first MRI –
McLeod-Historynew.021followed in 1986 by the region's first open heart surgery.
McLeod-Historynew.022Greenland Park behavioral hospital opens.
McLeod-Historynew.024HeartReach goes on the road.
McLeod-Historynew.025The McLeod Womenʼs Pavilion, which opened in 1992, is dedicated to meeting the unique health care needs of women at every stage of their lives.
McLeod-Historynew.026Opened the regionʼs only Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.
McLeod-Historynew.027Wilson Clinic and Hospital of Darlington becomes part of McLeod.
McLeod-Historynew.028New high energy linear accelerator makes McLeod the largest cancer therapy center in the state.
McLeod-Historynew.029Guest House at McLeod opens to visitors.
McLeod-Historynew.030McLeod Home Health begins providing medical treatments at home for patients.
McLeod-Historynew.031Saint Eugene Community Hospital in Dillon becomes part of McLeod Health.
McLeod-Historynew.032The community's premier center for fitness and health education, the McLeod Health & Fitness Center, debuted in 1999.
McLeod-Historynew.034McLeod was selected as one of only five hospitals in the country to lead and develop a model plan for improving healthcare nationwide through Pursuing Perfection: Raising the Bar for Health Care Performance, a $21 million grant sponsored by the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; the Premier Award for Quality.
McLeod-Historynew.035McLeod installs the region’s first and only fixed based Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner.
McLeod-Historynew.036For women coping with a diagnosis of breast cancer, McLeod begins offering the expertise of a Breast Health Specialist.
McLeod-Historynew.037McLeod Hospice House is completed to serve terminally ill patients and their families in the region.
McLeod-Historynew.038McLeod introduced its surgical live webcasts that allowed worldwide audiences to observe innovative and specialized procedures in real time on the Internet.
McLeod-Historynew.039In 2005 McLeod was featured on the cover of U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Hospitals issue.
McLeod-Historynew.040More than a century since our founding, the outstanding health care at McLeod is unparalleled in this region – and ranks among the best in the country. And weʼll continue to improve the lives and health status of those we serve throughout the next 100 years.
McLeod-Historynew.041Construction of the McLeod Pavilion expansion is completed.
McLeod-Historynew.042With the opening of the new state-of-the-art Surgical Pavilion in 2007, McLeod brought the latest in high tech surgery to our community and introduced the “Operating Room of Tomorrow.”
McLeod-Historynew.043In 2008, the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit began bringing lifesaving education and advanced screening technology directly to women wherever they work in our community.
McLeod-Historynew.044And we opened McLeod Urgent Care Centers in Florence and Darlington – the state's only certified urgent care centers – where patients can receive prompt and expedient care for non-emergent conditions or illnesses.
McLeod-Historynew.045In 2009, finding some of the best orthopedic care in the Carolinas became easier and more convenient with the introduction of McLeod Human Motion Specialists. This unique and comprehensive network of skilled orthopedic physicians, surgeons and specialists is committed to bringing movement to life.
McLeod-Historynew.046More than a century since our founding, the outstanding health care at McLeod is unparalleled in this region – and ranks among the best in the country. McLeod Health leads the effort in advanced medical care and weʼll continue to improve the lives and health status of those we serve throughout the next 100 years.
McLeod-Historynew.047McLeod Outpatient Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine provides complete and convenient access to all therapeutic needs in one location.
McLeod-Historynew.048Parking Decks completed for Patient Access and to respond to family needs.
McLeod-Historynew.049McLeod Health affiliation with Loris Seacoast to strengthen reach and service to coastal South Carolina.
McLeod-Historynew.050Expansion to new ICU towers will meet critical care needs of populations served in the northeastern region of South Carolina and southeastern North Carolina.
McLeod-Historynew.051McLeod Cancer Center consolidates all cancer services in one location to provide ease of navigation and comfort to patients undergoing cancer treatment.
McLeod-Historynew.052Dr. McLeod would surely be pleased.



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