Three image collage consisting  of  McLeod Children's Hospital Radiothon, Golf Classic & Founders' Garden Party.

McLeod Foundation Photo Gallery


 McLeod Angels - September 2014



Cancer Benefit 2014



McLeod Men October 2014



McLeod Fellows September 2014



McLeod GEMs Boots and Bags - 2014



McLeod Fellows Graduation 2014



McLeod Angels - April 2014



McLeod Fellows - April 2014



McLeod Fellows - March 2014



Chef & Child 2014



McLeod Fellows February 2014



Cancer Center Opening 2014



Fellows Forum 2014



McLeod Angels January 2014



McLeod Fellows Class of 2014



McLeod Fellows - December 2013


Evening Of Hope DrJona

An Evening of Hope 2013


Evening Of Hope Performers

An Evening of Hope 2013 - Performers


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McLeod Fellows Graduation 2013


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McLeod Angels - April 2013


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McLeod Fellows - April 2013


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Chef & Child 2013


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McLeod Fellows - March 2013


Mcleod Health Fellows

McLeod Fellows - February 2013


McLeod Health Angels

McLeod Angels - Go Red 2013


McLeod Health Angels

McLeod Angels - January 2013


McLeod Health Angels

McLeod Angels - November 2012


McLeod Health Hospice Tree Lighting

McLeod Hospice Tree Lighting 2012


Mcleod Fellows Class of 2012

McLeod Fellows Class of 2012-2013


An evening of hope

An Evening of Hope Performers 2012


Founders Society Garden Party 2012

Founders' Society Garden Party - 2012





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