Three image collage consisting of a McLeod's Angels, McLeod's Foundation members and two of McLeod's Gems.

McLeod GEMs Members 

Jessica Allen*
Carla Angus*
Crystal Askins*
Lisa Bishara*
Judy Cagle
Helen Campbell*
Rebecca Campbell*
Mason Chase*
Kendra Collins*
Erin Faile*
Traci Foster*
Leslie Gaskins
Mary Katherine Givens
Jessica Graham
Melissa Herrington
Jennifer Harris*
Vera Herbert*
Emily Hicks*
Kristi Horger*
Wendy Johnson*
Sue Jona*
Dana Jones*

2013* McLeod GEMs Members
Helen Kampiziones*
Joan Lee*
Michele Lewis*
Brandie Love*
Ashley Lowry*
Jennifer McKay*
Cynthia Morgan*
Kim Morris
Amy Murrell*
Michelle Naylor*
Elizabeth O'Dell*
Michele Phipps*
Sarah Roland
Mandy Runyan*
Davis Sawyer *
Kathy Sims
Cat Smith
Charlotte Tilton*
Kate Tyner*
Amy Urquhart*
Angie Watford*



















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