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McLeod Fellows is a Program That is Composed of Professionals and Volunteers Who Have Actively Demonstrated Leadership Abilities in the Community

It is a chance for these community leaders to get a behind the scenes look at medicine and to explore the complex issues driving healthcare today while demonstrating the continuing need for philanthropy.

Throughout the program, participants have one-of-a-kind experiences and gain insight into medical and technological advances through access to areas of McLeod Health not commonly available to the public. They have the opportunity to network with members of the medical community from a wide variety of specialties.

By the end of the program, the participants have obtained a working knowledge of the healthcare needs of our community and how McLeod Health and the McLeod Health Foundation are meeting those needs. The Fellows Program meets once a month for eight months.

For more information about being nominated to be a McLeod Fellow please contact the McLeod Foundation at 843-777-2694

McLeod Fellows Class of 2014-2015

Dr. Ben P. Dillard, III
Cary A. Ashworth
Joseph C. Breeden Jr.
Fred F. DuBard, lll
Francis Marion Ervin, II
Dr. Joseph E. Heyward
Charles G. Howard, Jr.
Tom Kinard
Amy M. Lewellyn
David A Lindner
Nicholas Tally McColl
Charles B. McElveen
Lynn Richard Owens, Jr.
Frank M. Rogers, IV
Patti L. Smith
Stephen Wade
Mary Jane Weir

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McLeod Fellows Class of 2014

Robin Aiken
Kennedy Breeden
Randy Cole
Drew Griffin
Helen Holland
Stephen Holladay
Rex Huggins
John Isgett
Wanda James
Charlie Jordan, MD
Douglas Lynn
Matt Manelli
Grady Moore
Rocky Pearce
Steve Turner
Derick Urquhart
Carrington Wingard

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McLeod Fellows Class of 2013

J. Janice Austin
John R. Chase, Jr.
David M. Coker
Richard B. Coxe
Ronald M. Fowler
Harry T. Jordan
Edward A. Love
Clay Tucker Mitchell
William Scott Mitchell
Albert DuBose Nissen
James MarvinOwen
Matthew Grey Raines
Christopher H. Scott
Cynthia Sweat-Bass
J. Brent Tiller

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McLeod Fellows Class of 2012

Hugh David Aycock
Daniel David Bozard
Timothy E. Cunningham
Bobby Densmore
Dr. Dan M. Ervin
John L. Lavrinc
Doris B. Locklart
William Joe McMillan, Jr.
K. Rex Query
Jonathan M. Reichenbach
Linda P.Russell
Robert M. Rutherford
Robert Paul Seward
Dale K. Surrett
Rigby Wilson

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McLeod Fellows Class of 2011

Reginald A. T. Armstrong
Joyce S. Beasley
Fred F. DuBard, Jr.
David N. Grantham
L. Baxter Hahn, III
Richard C. Harrington, Jr.
Tammy Lankford
Erik D. Marechal
Victoria S. McCall
Shirley H. Meiere
W. Crawford Moore
Robert L. Newton, Jr.
Timothy F. Norwood, Sr.
Michael J. Skarupa
John W. Sparrow
John M. Truluck
Ruan D. Westraad
Benjamin T. Zeigler

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McLeod Fellows Class of 2010

Robert W. Betler
Melody Birmingham-Byrd
Randy I. Brown
Deborah A. Davis
Dane P. Ficco
Kaye Floyd-Parris
Richard L. Havekost
Jane P. Huggins
Judith H. Kammer
William F. King
E. Leroy Nettles, Jr.
Ralph L. Roberson, Jr.
John M. Scott, III
Randolph M. Tiller, Jr.
Frank E. Willis

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McLeod Fellows Class of 2009

Darrell W. Alcorn
Charles J. Bethea
Frank J. Brand, II
Thomas C. Ewart
Marion Ford
Beverly S. Hazelwood
Jill D. Lewis
Robert C. Holland
James M. Ivey, Jr.
B. Frank James
Peter J. Mazzaroni
Owen K. McCutcheon
Donna J. Nettles
Thomas M. Simms
Marion G. Swink
Amy F. Urquhart

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McLeod Fellows Class of 2008

John R. Braddy
Dr. Annie H. Brown
Michael S. Gurley
Robert D. Harris
Jeffrey W. Helton
Dennis M. Hempstead
Robby L. Hill
Wendell E. Jones, Jr.
Reamer B. King
Mark E. Laskowski
D. Brian Lee
D. Robert W. Lynch
Elisabeth K. McNiel
Lynn R. Owens
Thomas B. Richardson

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McLeod Fellows Inaugural Class 2007

Starlee B. Alexander
John D. Bankson
Joan S. Billheimer
M. Scott Collins
Kenneth E. Gunter
John C. Harlow
Evans P. Holland
W. Dwight Johnson
F. Schipman Johnston
Joe W. King
Tim L. Mayhugh
Frank M. Munn
John C. Ramsey
Michael G. Roberts
Liston A. Rogers
Berend M. Van der Meer

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