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McLeod Angels

What is McLeod Angels?

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McLeod Angels is an association of women organized under the auspices of the McLeod Foundation. The  purpose of the McLeod Angels is to provide networking and healthcare-related educational opportunities for women who support the McLeod Foundation and to develop women's knowledge of the impact of philanthropy on healthcare. Membership dues will create a fund to invest effectively in projects that will build and strengthen Foundation-supported programs through the power of joint contributions.

What are the Membership Dues?

The membership dues for the McLeod Angels are a minimum of $100 annually.

How will the Fund be used?

The annual membership dues will be pooled and held as the McLeod Angels Fund, which will then be used to support programs and services of the McLeod Health Foundation. Each year, the members of the McLeod Angels will vote on how the fund shall be utilized for the benefit of McLeod Health patients and families.

How often will McLeod Angels meet?

The members of McLeod Angels will meet for lunch four times a year. An educational program will be presented at each meeting. Educational programs will be selected to be both informative and fun. At the winter meeting, the members will receive information and vote on proposed projects and programs. All programs will first be approved by the McLeod Foundation Board of Trustees. Meetings will only be open to members except for the spring meeting which will be used to invite friends to attend who might consider joining the McLeod Angels the following year.

How can I join?

McLeod Angels membership is open to all women who are interested. If you are interested in becoming a member, click here to join now! If you would like more information, please contact the McLeod Foundation at 843-777-2694 or email Kendra Collins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it...

Who's on the McLeod Angels Advisory Committee

Frances Bethea    Beverly Hazelwood - ChairShirley Meiere
Christine CosbyShirley ImbeauJane Ramsey
Joyce DalsboAlice JonesLalla Saleeby
Marilyn GodboldJill LewisPatti Smith
Betty HardawayMary Jane Weir



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