Three image collage consisting of a McLeod's Angels, McLeod's Foundation members and two of McLeod's Gems.

McLeod Angel Members 2013-2014

Carol Adams
Robin Aiken
Stralee Alexander 
Julie Allen
Sandra Anderson
Sheraca Anderson
Teresa Anderson 
Meggie Baker 
Rosemary Barlie
Ruth Bennett
Frances Bethea
Beth Bigelow 
Joan S. Billheimer
Ann Binnarr 
Lisa Bishara
Angelyn Bridges
Annie Brown
Marsha Bryant
Lynn Brown-Bulloch
Jo Ellen Carroll
Ann Rodgers Chandler
Jane Chapman
Anu Chaudhry
Maddelle Christian
Laura Quantz Clark
Tomi Jean Cleveland
Amanda Coleburn
Lillian Coleman 
Deb Colones
Derinda Connor 
Beki Cooley
Christine Cosby
Kitty Cutler
Joyce Dalsbo
Ingrid Dawson
Carol Davis
Brenda Dorman
Francie Dunlap 
Sandy Durant
Florence Ervin
Mary Finklea
Jan Fosmire
Cathy Frederick
Frankie Garber
Tressa Gardner
Lane Gilpin
Marilyn Godbold
Kathy Grace
Mary Grantham
Kate Griffin
Susan Guyton
Betty Hardaway



Beverly Hazelwood
Daphne Heffler 
Jill Heiden
Betty Hester
Karen Hill
Beverly Hiller
Darby Holley
Amanda Holmes
Alva Hoover
Deborah Hopla
Kristi Horger 
Marian Howard
Shirley Imbeau
Angie Irvin
Donna Isgett
Paula James 
Suzanne Jebaily 
Suzanne Jennings
Wendy Johnson
Sue Jona 

Alice Jones
Lisa Jones
Quinnie Jones
Gaye Jordan 
Deb Kalaritis
Judy Kammer
Sonia Keller 
Sunny Keller
Peggy Knight
Cynthia Kolb
Kay Lambert
Beth Lavrinc
Tim Leng
Doris Lockhart 
Angela Lorenz
Debbie Lowder
Jennifer Mabry
Reena Malik
Susannah McCuaig
Susan McDonald
Mary McDougal
Frances McIntosh
Octavia McLeod 
Elizabeth Meiere
Shirley Meiere 
Sandra Morris
Karen Munn
Mary Ann Nash
Donna Nettles 
Tangie Newman
Kristen O'Kelly


Mills Orr
Kaye Floyd Parris
Ellen Pearson
Michele Phipps
Lindy Pietila
Devin Player
Nancy Player 
Joyce Preest
Jane Ramsey 
Danagene Razick
Kam Richardson
Franny Robey
Wanda Ross
Linda Russell
Lalla Saleeby
Tiffany Saunders
Martha Schofield
Beth Schultz
Betty Searcy
Nancy Sechtin
Marie Segars
Susan Seltzer
Debbie Smith
Patti Smith
Staci Smith
Mindt Steinkruger
Patsy Stokes
Susan Stoughton
Ginger Sullivan
Molly Symons
Mindy Taylor
Laurie Tiller
Emily Tinsley
Ann Thomas
Mary Frances Turner
Mary Caroline Vaught
Jeanne Von Husen
Starr Ward 
Susan Weber
Mary Jane Weir
Katherine "Burnie" Welch
Cynde White
Ida Whitehead
Chris Williams
Susan A. Williams
Susan D. Williams
Carrington Wingard
Mary Wiser
Dena Woodruff
Mona Zakhour
Belle Zeigler






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