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Parents and Expectant Parents are Invited to Attend Several Informative Classes Offered by the Birthing Center Staff at McLeod Dillon

Community members are invited to take part in the following classes:

Childbirth Preparation Class

This course, recommended for women 20 to 28 weeks into pregnancy, provides a six-hour childbirth education class that teaches mom and her partner about what to expect during labor and delivery. The instructor will discuss the stages of labor, relaxation, breathing techniques, common concerns, comfort measures, the role of the labor support person, normal newborn appearance, breast feeding and much more. Participants will need to bring one pillow. The course is free. To register for an upcoming class or for more information, call the Birthing Center at 843-487-1300.

Early Pregnancy Celebration

Pregnancy is a very exciting time for expectant parents. Whether it's a first or sixth pregnancy, there is great anticipation and planning that goes into bringing that precious new life into the world. Helping women to successfully plan for this very special event in their lives is the goal of our Early Pregnancy Celebration. To register for the upcoming celebration or for more information, call the Birthing Center at 843-487-1300.

Birthing Center Tours

The Birthing Center at McLeod Dillon welcomes expectant mothers and their families to take a tour of the facility. The tour provides information on the hospital's approach to maternity care and how physicians and staff help new mothers and their babies before and after delivery. To set up a time to tour the Birthing Center or for more information, call the Birthing Center at 843-487-1300.



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