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McLeod Medical Center Dillon Honors Teen Volunteers

McLeod Medical Center Dillon recently recognized thirty area teens for their participation in the 2014 Teen Summer Volunteer Program. A closing ceremony was held at McLeod Dillon for the teens and their parents.

During their summer vacation, the teens volunteered to work directly with hospital health care professionals for at least 20 hours per month gaining experience in a variety of health care occupations.

Candice Tyler, Teen Volunteer Coordinator, gave some brief information on the program's origin. "The volunteer program began in 1988 as an idea to interest high school teens in health care careers. Offering teens an opportunity for 'hands on' participation in a health care environment has always been the program's objective."

Debbie Locklair, Administrator of McLeod Dillon, opened the ceremony and thanked the teens for sharing their summer with McLeod Dillon. She also expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the 1,652 hours of teen volunteer service to the hospital this summer. "I've been impressed with the hard work and involvement of this volunteer group. You are to be commended for sharing your time and talents. We hope you will remember this as a rewarding experience. I hope this experience has helped each of you decide if a career in health care is right for you. There are many opportunities in health care in both patient care areas and in business services. From experience, I can say that it's a rewarding career choice.

"McLeod Health offers many scholarships for the different health related careers available. And, when you've completed your education, remember that McLeod Health is always looking for bright, talented health care professionals," said Locklair.

The evening's special guest speakers were Braylon Ford, former teen volunteer, Savannah Evans and Kajal Patel, both of which are Teen Volunteers.

Rhonda Altman, Teen Volunteer Program Assistant, thanked the volunteers for their enthusiasm and excitement. She praised the teens for their hard work and encouraged them to pursue their dreams.

Candice personally thanked the volunteers as they each received a certificate of appreciation. "This has been a great opportunity for the teens to receive hands-on experience in different areas of healthcare. While they are volunteering their time, they receive so much in return. It's also a win-win opportunity for McLeod Dillon. We not only receive the benefit of the help they provide us, but we also have a hand in positively shaping their lives.

The teens worked in various areas of the hospital during the months of June, July, and early August performing such tasks as transporting patients, answering phones, making patient charts, supporting outpatient department staff, assisting with marketing projects and a myriad of others. Last, but not least, they brought a lot of joy to our patients and the staff with their friendly smiles and greetings. I have greatly enjoyed being the coordinator for this group of teens and look forward to next summer's group," said Candice.

The list of teens honored along with the number of years each has volunteered in parentheses include: Kalia Bowman (1 Year), Caroline Bryant (2 Years), Amber Campbell (1 Year), Stephanie Campbell (1 Year), Brianna Carter (1 Year), Marion Chavis (1 Year), Savannah Evans (5 Years), Hayden Freitas (2 Years), Amber Graves (3 Years), Courtney Grays (1 Year), Ansley Hamer (2 Years), Erin Hamer (1 Year), Ellie Hayes (4 Years), Hailey Hayes (1 Year), Dylan Ivey (1 Year), Marie Jacobs (1 Year), Ry-Heem McCrimmon (1 Year), Filiberto Mendoza (1 Year), Brittany Miller (1 Year), Marquasia Mitchell (1 Year), Brianna Osborn (1 Year), Kajal Patel (2 Years), Anna Price (1 Year), Amber Rogers (1 Year), Alexis Smith (1 Year), Heather Stackhouse (2 Years), Leah Stephens (1 Year), Katelyn Tallon (1 Year), Kristlin Thompson (2 Years), and Allison Watson (2 Years).

Marion Chavis, Hayden Freitas and Filiberto Mendoza, having volunteered 119.75, 98, and 82 hours respectively received a certificate of special recognition for most volunteer hours. A certificate of excellence was presented to Savannah Evans (5 years) and Ellie Hayes (4 years) for most volunteer years.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Candice encouraged all the teens to return for next year's Summer Teen Volunteer Program.



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