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Outpatient Rehab and Sports Medicine Move to New Location

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(6/24/11) - McLeod Outpatient Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Services have moved to their new building on the McLeod Wellness Campus, adjacent to the McLeod Health and Fitness Center.

Patients needing adult outpatient therapy services are now receiving treatment at the new location. The building houses the services of physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy, work recovery, sports medicine and the Occupational Therapy Hand Center.

One of the goals of McLeod Human Motion Specialists is to offer a seamless delivery of care to all orthopedic and spine patients. Through the consolidation of adult therapy services provided at McLeod Regional Medical Center, the patients now have complete and convenient access to all of their therapeutic needs in one location.

Along with the convenience of having all therapy departments together, patients also have the expediency of on-site registration and easy access parking. The on-site registration allows the patients to schedule appointments and receive therapy in the same location.

The Outpatient Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine location provides:
• Additional private treatment areas
• Conference room for patient/family education and workshops
• Medical Management for transition into fitness programs after therapy
• SwimEx therapy pool
• Convenient patient parking

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