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Sports Medicine Tip: Running Cadence

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Count Your Cadence

The quickest and easiest way to decrease your risk of injury and improve your running can be through simple modifications of your running form. There are many drills, shoes, books, and techniques that are designed to address your form; however it's possible to make significant changes by paying attention to a few simple details during your daily run.

Count your cadence: Over-striding is a common culprit of many running injuries. This is due to the increased impact ...

Sports Medicine Tip: Staying Warm in Cold Weather

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As the weather starts to get colder and the days shorter, it's time to make a few changes to your routine to stay comfortable, healthy, and safe while training through the winter. The first priority in cold weather is staying warm. Clothing choices and a proper warm-up prior to exercise take more careful consideration than they normally do in the summer, when the only effort required to break a sweat simply involves taking a few steps outside.

In regards to clothing, layering is a ver...

Sports Medicine Tip: A New Year, A New Commitment To Fitness

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The New Year provides a time to look ahead and plan for what is to be accomplished over the next twelve months. As a commitment to fitness and running is often at the top of most New Year Resolution lists, it's important to remember the little things in avoiding injury and staying healthy to achieve your goals.

For those just beginning a running routine in their quest for fitness:

Lower leg and shin injuries are some of the most common for those starting out running. Often called shi...

Sports Medicine Tip: Developing An Annual Training Plan

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As the holiday's get in full swing and the New Year approaches, this is the perfect time to look at the upcoming year and formulate a plan for success. Having a plan laid out serves several important purposes. Goal setting helps to give importance to what can otherwise become monotonous training; having a plan helps to build in variation on a week to week and month to month basis; and planning creates periods of rest to avoid overtraining, injury, and burnout.

Whether a goal involves ...

McLeod Resource Center Offers an October Special on Hospital Grade Bulb Syringes

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(9/26/12) - The McLeod Resource Center is now offering monthly sales with select items at ten percent off.

The featured discount item for October is Hospital Grade Bulb Syringes to help your little one breathe better. This item is especially beneficial during winter months when babies tend to get runny noses and sniffles. These bulb syringes are great to have in the nursery as well as the diaper bag when on-the-go.

The McLeod Resource Center also provides a friendly staff to a...

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