The Guest House at McLeod

(10/10/11) - "My husband and I were on our way to Florida this pat winter and we took a motel room in Florence. During the night I became ill and was admitted to your wonderful hospital on February 23, 2011.

"After a battery of tests, it was determined that I had contracted bacterial pneumonia and my hero, Dr. Samuel Dozier, immediately put me on antibiotics to combat the infection. He visited often to make sure that his treatment was in fact working and I sensed that his concerns for...

The Heart and Soul of an Oncologist

(10/10/11) - Diane Summers Clarke was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in June of 2001. McLeod Health Oncologist Dr. Sreenivas Rao became her principal treating physician. Because of Dr. Rao's excellent care, Diane was able to lead a meaningful, joyful and productive life for eight more years.

Finley, her husband, shared that during her long battle with cancer, they visited major medical centers such as M.D. Anderson and Johns Hopkins. In his opinion, none of the physicians they...

McLeod Hospice House: Angels at Work

(4/20/11) - One small - yet huge - step across the threshold of McLeod Hospice House seemed to lift a cloud that had hung over what should have been a joyous and exciting holiday season.

My widowed mother, Sybil Sellers of Bishopville, had courageously fought Alzheimer's for over five years. "Mama" to me (her only child) and "Toma" to my sons, she had continued to live independently until the spring of 2009, when her condition to a drastic downturn. Living 100 miles away, I relied on ...

Camp Jessie's Kids Scheduled for Saturday, May 21

(4/14/11) - Camp Jessie's Kids, a day camp for children who have suffered the loss of someone they care deeply about (for example, a special family member, relative or friend) or for those who have someone in their family who is very sick at this time, will be held on Saturday, May 21, from 9 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

The camp is open to children ages five through 13. Parents or guardians are asked to accompany children who are five years old.

Camp Jessie's Kids is held to help chi...

Providing Rest to Families at the McLeod Hospice House

(12/21/10) - Bettie Wimberly has experienced both the exhaustion and joys associated with the long journey of caring for a loved one. Her life with her beloved husband, Joe, changed forever in 1989 when he began having a series of strokes. This journey included many hospitalizations, rehabilitation and 16 years of dedicated care by a loving wife and family.

In 2006, McLeod physician, Dr. Conyers O'Bryan, recommended to Bettie that they enhance Joe's care by bringing in McLeod Hospice....

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